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My name is Emma, a plant-loving, tea-drinking Wifey with a passion for helping women take control of their lifestyle + choose healthier products + a healthier mindset.

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My must have products from Young Living

These products I cannot live with out! They are the best of the best

Ningxia red

This powerhouse drink is packed with antioxidants to help your body function at its best. This is the highest antioxidant on the market because of its main ingredient—the goji berry or wolf berry. It’s jam packed with fruit + veggie servings that provide natural energy without a sugar crash. This is the easiest way to support your entire body.


Looking to stabilize your energy + deal with stress in a healthier way? That was me a year ago + this oil helped me do just that! It’s formulated with a blend of oils that support your adrenal glands, thyroid and your entire endocrine system (which is responsible for releasing hormones, balancing blood sugars + coping with stress) Use this oil topically every day (roll onto your thyroid) for ideal support of your endocrine system.

Thieves Cleaner

Thieves cleaner concentrate replaces EVERY toxic cleaning chemical in your home. You can use it on glass, sinks, counters, appliances, toilets + floors it even makes a great plant spray to keep away those pesky bugs! (that’s right spider mites + soil gnats get lost) A bottle of concentrate makes 64 bottles of cleaner so it’s an epic steal at 42¢ per 16oz spray bottle. Clean cleaning has never been so cheap + easy. Plus it smells like gingersnap cookies so it’s a win.


Our bodies store negative emotions + trauma if we can’t process them. This oil helps your body release them, reducing tension + emotional baggage.