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Why Monat?


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Dream Bigger & Glow Every Moment.

I started with this business taking a chance hoping this would be the best thing for me! As a full time college student I decided I wanted to give myself a tool and investment for myself that would also be able to help and benefit other people...I waited two years to start with this business and join as a market partner. I finally decided to go with it and embrace something that would help me grow, learn + be more confident. Little did I know I was actually becoming part of an entire network of people who are here to help me succeed 24/7.

When a close friend of mine reached out for me to be part of her team there couldn’t have been a better OR worse time. There never really is a perfect time. You just have to take that leap of faith.

I really didn’t know what was going on at first and I’ve had to find my balance between college and this job, but it has proven to be possible and even life changing. I now have an amazing group of entrepreneurs who encourage and build each other up. This amazing team is always there for me whether it be a zoom call, a text, a phone call, and they are sometimes even just a drive away. These women I am talking about are from all over the WORLD✈️🌍