The Tapis of Kalinga Tribe

The Philippines is known for having an abundance of beautiful beaches and delicious foods. The Philippines pride itself in its cultural history, influenced mostl notably by Spanish and American colonialism. Travelling in the Philippines with its authentic Filipino things, drool over with the rustic and sophisticated pieces of Filipiniana shops and boutiques. Aside from that, indulging local fabric/ textiles and fibres that either use for homes or put on as clothes or accessories. The intricate designs, elaborate patterns and most especially the hardwork and skill on the hands who weaved the masterpiece. Let me share one of this.

The garment is woven with backs strap body tension looms, embroidered with nature inspired patterns and are sometimes adorned with mother of pearl platelets and shells, which represent wealth prestige in the area. Women from the town of Lubuagan in Kalinga weave to earn an income that vital in providing the needs for families. It is passed by on the subsequent generations from mother to daughter. Girls begin to weave as early as 10 years old. Men also participate in the making the craft. Some of the design includes mountains, birds, lakes and stars.

It is so wonderful that this pieces has its own story to tell. The hard work of the hands lay into it each weave, the meaning of the patterns and designs. Truly, Philippines is one of the country that you will put on your travel list.