It’s Me..

Poverty 2 Promise

A sense of lack was my beginning but God says my story is not over!

From a struggling divorced mom of three to career woman,entrepreneur and leader, I’ve seen God’s promises at work. Jesus is my cornerstone and my family my back bone so I’m no longer captive to a poverty mindset... but ONE OF PROMISE!! A promise of success in helping people increase their health , their finances and their faith.

Helping people is my passion and my purpose.

Poverty Mindset

My Past

Growing up in the suburbs you would think I had it made! My mom did what all moms do and sheltered myself and sister from the struggle she conquered raising us. My parents divorced early in my life so the majority of my childhood she was a single mom ( a struggle I would later experience). I was raised to earn good grades, which I did, go to college and get a good paying job all I accomplished. Those around me lived for the now with material things as an indication of “ making it” and naturally so did I. Living paycheck to paycheck spending every dollar to enjoy life was actually setting me up for the crash. Focused more on things now, instant gratification instead of carefully planning for my family’s future. Poverty mindset...

My mom taught me to listen to people who look different, think different and have different experiences so I would always be open to learning., growing and becoming all God had for me. I thank God for mentors placed in my life. They helped prepare me to walk through the door He opened and gain access to the promises.....

The Promise

My New Life

Today I wear many hats!! Supportive Pastor’s wife , encouraging mother of adult children and loving Nana to my grand babies are the most paramount of my hats. I count myself truly blessed to wear those hats and am surrounded by the love they bring to my life everyday. I’ve enacted a financial plan growing my portfolio to include home ownership, retirement and financial investments all while faithfully planting seeds at my church through tithes and giving.

Out of my love for family and their support, God birthed my desire to become a business owner... an entrepreneur. Why? Educating people regarding financial and physical wellness is my passion. There is so much I didn’t know and my mindset reflected that. I believe when you learn better... share so everyone can do better. A promise mindset .....

Generational blessings

Leaving a Legacy of PROMISE

Leaving a legacy of generational blessings and not cursed is so important. The seeds you plant in your life will many times come to harvest with your children or even grandchildren. What are you planting? Are you playing seeds of business ownership/entrepreneurship or of being a consumer with a poverty mindset.

I work with families and individuals to help start their own agency to protect and educate families on financial literacy. Helping others build a legacy of business ownership is my passion. Our industry has been protecting families for over a century! A hundred year industry that most people recognize is a great area to start or add an additional stream of income.

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