It’s time to outsource AND WE ARE YOUR LADIES!


We know that being a business owner is no easy task. There are so many hats one carries. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed; like you simply can’t be doing it all on your own anymore then we are your ladies. We will be your hype ladies, cheering you on, helping your business, seeing you thrive is all we want. We want you to have more free time while still scaling your business.. so if you’re ready, let’s chat!

Meet Kyla Uwawah


I am 26 years of age. I went to school to become a nurse. I got hurt on the job about 3 years ago and I am unable to return. I needed to find something else to do that I am able to do with my new limitations. My mother always wanted to start her own Virtual assistant business so we took the leap of faith and started our business over a year ago, we truly love what we do. I am married to the most amazing man, I am a step mom to 3 beautiful girls who I love like if they were my own. Growing up I helped my mom with her companies that she managed with data entry, answering phones, and many more tasks so I am very business oriented and I have my health background as well. I am very big on health and wellness.

Meet Denise van Beveren


I am a wife, mother, grandmother, pet owner and a business woman. I have been married for 29 years. A mother of 3 beautiful grown women. I have 4 gorgeous grandchildren. My passion in my life is working with business owners to streamline there companies so they can grow and prosper. I have been helping companies for 25 years. Looking forward to helping you !

A few of the many services that we offer

Social media Management
Email Management
Administrative Tasks
Inventory management
Much more…

Here are our packages

5 hours/Week
- This package is great for someone who simply just needs a helping hand and wants a few extra hours of their time back. Perfect if you just want to test the waters

10 hours/week
- This is the most popular and is suited for a busy client. We will be able to give you back the time you need so you can really focus on the reasons you started your business in the first place and leave the social media and Admin tasks to us.

15 hours/week
- This is very much a collaborative effort and will be heavily involved in the back end of your business, also great if you are just starting out and don’t know where to begin! We will be your right hand pals.

Customize a package
- Feel like you’re unsure if these packages are right for you? Don’t worry! We can create package just for you.