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Hi, I'm Melody! I'm a big fan of Disney, miniatures, and animals. I have two chaotic brothers, who like Minecraft a bit too much. My dream is to be an artist that makes things from my heart!
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Episode 1 - The Invitation

By Melody Wilds


Prologue-The Invitation

It came, it finally came! The invitation to Academy Royale finally came! “Squee!!!” I can’t believe I was accepted... I WAS ACCEPTED! WHAT!?! This is so awesome!!!


I know right, Max! I was accepted!Oh, by the way, Max is my dog. The only thing is that he's a small white and fluffy dog with wings. No kidding. Really, he has actual wings. They're little dragon wings and sometimes, he breathes fire. I mean.. If I had a dime every time he set something in my house on fire, I would have like, maybe 100 Bucks! There were those times when he set the sofa on fire, our house, and not to mention, the time he set my bed on fire while I was still in it! My hair caught on fire and I smelled like barbecue for WEEKS. Nonetheless, our family still loves him. My mom and dad. Of course me, Taylor, and my sister, Bree. Sure, sometimes he's still annoying, but, he's always there for you. Oh, and about the dragon wings, he's had them since he was a pup. The vet thinks he accidentally fused with a bit of dragon DNA while he was still a Dragon Hunter- Wait. You don't know about the dragon hunters. Well, in the year 9095, dragons were everywhere.

They swarmed the Elite Cities and basically they whole, destroying everything in their way. So then, this amazing woman named Scarlet Chainer started a group called The Dragon Hunters. Now- The name is kinda misleading because they didn't hunt dragons. They only protected people and citizens from the hostile ones. Also, some dragons are nice, like the one Scarlet Chainer bonded with. Another thing. Ya know, my great, great, great, great, great, great, granddad actually part of the dragon hunters. He was one of the people Scarlet recruited. Yea, he's really cool. Since then, my family has been one of the most respected families around. My older sister, Bree, is learning to become a dragon trainer. She has her own dragon named Starry Sky. Starry Sky is like a cat though. She likes shiny things and loves to sleep, but at times she can be really playful too. Starry Sky, or Sky, as my family calls her, has the magic ability to teleport. I can do some magic too, but not much. Some levitating here and some magic plant growth there. That's why I applied to Academy Royale. It's the most Elite University in all of the Elite Cities. I didn't think I would get in, but I did. I need to tell my sister, NOW. She's going to be so excited! And it's because I was ACCEPTED!


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