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Art , music , comics 🧬🌞🧚🏻‍♀️🌲

I love creating music and art with my best friend ( Pleiadian Timepiece ) is our band. I work on comics characters , poems stories . I love to express myself visually and with sound.

First livestream 💕💮

Original song “Beholder”

Star traveler track

✨opening up about my disabilities ✨

“Odessa” original song

What it’s like being a triple Aries ♈️

Why you should care about EMF protection✨

Comic creation enjoying creating for no reason✨💓

Biking accident

Spiral highways

Pleiadian Timepiece music

Creating my own language “Angels and the peoples empowerment”

Stay creative *journal and draw with me*

Biking Vlog episode 1

Bob Dylan cover



Leaf recommends Planting trees 🌲 its made so easy  —

So what are you waiting for Let’s plant some trees !

Do you love earth 🌍 and want to do something small but large in today’s busy and hectic world. You can plant a tree with a click of a button and all for only one dollar. You can even gift a tree how sweet!

Recommendation #1

An easy to use website for planting trees , one dollar = one tree planted☺️🍃

One tree planted

Angels and the peoples Empowerment E book

This little e book written by me is to honor all life , lineages , colors , beings. Acknowledging us all as unique ,beautiful , and whole. Highlighting the angel in humanity.

Available on etsy

Leaf comic release beginning of July —


Join leaf in his adventure and inner discoveries . An environmental hero set out to help 🌍 earth! BECAUSE SHE IS ALL WE HAVE GOT.

My Instagram 💚✨🍃 for leafs adventure


Music 🎶 coming soon

External link

Music to accompany the comic

Will be uploaded to youtube

So you can read / see while listening to Our music 🎶😌🖖✨💚🌏