About Me!

Hey! I’m Leilani Moke – a 22 year old entrepreneur with time freedom, financial freedom and mentoring at the forefront of all that I do. I chose to be self-employed straight out of university and haven’t looked back since!

When I started my online business back in Jan 2021, still finishing up my degree I was ready to create a life where I had control of how, when and where I worked. I saw so many others graduate from university to then move into a corporate job where they work so hard for a full five days out of the week to get two days off for the next 45 years. That wasn’t for me – I wanted to be my own boss.

I was done thinking about new inventions, new business ideas and where I could be my own boss. Just two months before I graduated university, I found the world of attraction and affiliate marketing and it ticked all the boxes: work from where-ever, whenever, earn high commissions and to be my own boss.

Little did I know there was so much more value than I could have ever anticipated! My first sale can pocket me over $1k and I am able to help so many other people to do the same. I finally found the vehicle that is highly profitable, the income is uncapped, I am able to help so many others and I have the true time freedom I have always desired. I am so incredibly grateful that from the start of my career out in the big wide world that I can work for myself!

3 KEY STEPS to CREATING A PROFITABLE BUSINESS ONLINE - Even if you have no idea what to sell!


1. Attraction Marketing & Personal Branding

✨Attraction marketing on social media is THE number one way to build an audience and following for your business and right now is the hottest time to build a brand, business and legacy online.

2. Leverage Automation

📲 Create more time freedom leveraging an automated platform so you can spend your days making memories with your family while your business grows online 24/7. By leveraging the automation of this educational platform all of the heavy lifting is done for you, from your advertising links to your sales calls.

3. High Profit, High Impact Offers

💰How long do you think it would take you to be making $10K a month if you were getting $2K profit per sale? Well, how long is a piece of string but what would you rather? Make $20 profit per sale or $2000?