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I am an experienced administrative professional and customer service advocate with experience providing exceptional customer support. With over 4 years of experience ensuring projects are completed on time and operations are running efficiently. Highly dependable, reliable, and ethical support. I work effectively in fast-paced, virtual environments following established practices to exceed customer expectations. I am experienced in creating effective, organized environments in which I can provide top level client support, resolving issues, and developing relationships to ensure loyalty and growth.

My Top Picks

My top recommendations for my followers

These are my favorite apps to use as a virtual assistant that could potentially help you with your own business.

Recommendation #1

Buffer - Posting consistently on social media can be a hassle but Buffer allows you to schedule your social media posts ahead.

Recommendation #2

Descript - It is an all-in-one editor that makes editing easier to learn. Upload your media directly in Descript and instantly transcribe your file into text. They are fast, accurate, and comes with automatic speaker detection.

Recommendation #3

Plai - Plai is an ad tool built for small teams & creators to launch ads like a pro. Put in your creative ideas on it and Plai runs your ad campaigns for you.

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