Tattoo artist at Metamorphosis Tattoo in Winnipeg, MB

Artist. Nerd. Wife & Mother.
Tattoo artist of 11+ years. I specialize in floral, mandalas, fine line work, trash polka, animals/skulls, watercolor and all things nerdy! I want nothing more than for everyone to love their tattoos and have a great experience!

- I charge hourly. Rates/approx costs will be discussed in a consultation.
- All custom pieces are subject to a design fee for the homework spent researching/drawing your piece. This cost varies depending on design complexity
- All designs will be sent out at least 3-5 days before your appointment for you to approve. I’m happy to make any changes to the design if necessary! A complete change in idea may result in a new design fee.
- To book a tattoo a deposit is required - deposit costs/availability will be discussed in your consult. (Consults are free, however!) The deposit counts toward your tattoo time.
- All deposits are non-refundable & non transferable
- We have a 3 day tattoo cancellation policy. If you do not give 3 days notice to move/cancel an appointment your deposit will be forfeited.

CLOSED. Wait list is closed until further notice. Will not be accepting new bookings at this time.

- Get a good nights rest
- GENTLY exfoliate the area that is to be tattooed a few days before appointment to get rid of any loose dead skin. (not the day before incase of irritation)
- Do not drink too much alcohol the night before. This could cause you to not feel your best & cause your tattoo to bleed more than normal
- Protect your skin! I cannot tattoo you if you’re sunburnt/bruised/cut in the area you’re getting tattooed
- Bring entertainment for yourself (book/iPad/music etc WITH headphones please!). Also dress comfortably for your appointment. You may bring water/juice/snacks as long as they’re not messy to keep your sugar levels up while getting worked on. I definitely don’t mind chit chatting during the piece as well so feel free to talk with me if you’re comfortable/in a chatty mood!
- Plan accordingly with your ride/parking. Downtown parking info can be find online
- Please come alone
- I cannot tattoo you if you are breastfeeding or pregnant!
- Some medications can interfere with the healing of your tattoo. If you are unsure about this please seek advice from your doctor before booking.
- 18+ only and will need to show valid ID upon arrival

- Wash hands first & dry. Take bandage off in 3-5 hours --- wash with warm water and unscented soap(Dove or Aveeno for example) Pat dry with clean towel.
- Wash once daily until tattoo begins to flake/get scabby and dry.(It normally starts to flake in a few days from getting tattoo)Then wash once every 2nd/3rd day to avoid drying it out too much.
- Lotion once tattoo is flakey/scabby/tight 1-2 times daily. Thin layer of lotion and gently massage into tattoo.
- ***IMPORTANT*** if there are any heavier scabbed areas keep them a bit more moisturized so they do not crack and cause a 'split' in the color of your piece! Failure to keep these spots properly cared for may result in a charge for touchups.
- Don't pick scabs or scratch at tattoo
- No submerging under water for 2-3 weeks (no hot tubs, baths, etc). Showering is fine!
- If your tattoo gets stuck to your clothing wet the area you're stuck to first to help seperate the clothing from your tattoo! Failure to wear proper attire where clothing sticks/rubs onto tattoo that causes a touchup may result in a charge for touchup (example: wearing a bra strap over a freshly done tattoo)
- Ice tattoo if needed - keep body part elevated first few days to alleviate swelling if there is any. This is particularly helpful for leg and forearm tattoos.
- Tattoo will weep first few days so be mindful of light coloured sheets/shirts to not stain them
- Your first touchup is free (however we do charge a fee for hand/feet/fingers that need touch ups due to the fragile nature of those placements.)

Keep on for 24 hours, wash & dry hands well, slowly take off bandage. Going in a warm shower can help the bandage come off easier. Clean tattoo with soap and water, pat dry well and put on second application(if given) for 3-5 days. Remove this application just like the first bandage was done.
If you have Tatudern/Saniderm on your tattoo as a bandage take off bandage immediately if you notice any redness/irritation from bandage. Also take off immediately if water gets underneath the bandage.
You will have some coloured fluid/weepage underneath the Saniderm and this is normal! If it is excessive please take it off. If you’re not sure message me! :)

PLEASE do not hesitate to ask ANY questions in regards to your tattoo or aftercare. No question is a stupid question and being educated in the process is always key! I am happy to help any way I can. :)

Best form of contacting me is on Instagram @ leni_ink by DM’ing me. You may also leave a message with the shop at 204-942-1565
Currently I am only working Saturdays/Sundays/Wednesdays
Shop: Metamorphosis Tattoo 101-290 Mcdermot Ave