Lesbian Pulp Zine:

Origins & Mission

Lesbian Pulp Zine was born of an urge to get more lesbian content out into the world. As lesbian culture has ebbed and flowed over the last few decades, I’ve felt the need to bring forth strong lesbian voices, old and new.

What are lesbians into? How has lesbian culture changed over time? What are lesbians writing about, and what’s important to them? What are their secrets and fears?...That’s what Lesbian Pulp Zine is about. Lesbian culture is a group endeavour, not a static thing created by popular opinion, current whim, or the overlords of the day.

Issue # 1 (July, 2020) has a healthy dose of lesbians and their dogs, a coming out story, some poetry and illustrations, secrets, confessions, and pleas from lesbians seeking advice.

Issue # 2 is well under way, and will include lesbian erotica (both written and illustrated), pictures of lesbians and their cats, and butch life shit (pictures and musings). There will also be confessions and secrets.

If you believe in creating lesbian content and would like to support Lesbian Pulp Zine, please consider becoming a patron, or donate through cashapp: $TwoWomen

Lesbian Focused Tarot Readings

Have your cards read by me


A tarot card reading is the practice of using tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present or future by formulating a question, then drawing (choosing) and interpreting cards.

Types of readings I offer (organised from shortest to longest)


I will draw one card for you, and give you a reading of that card for your day. This reading may give you insight into:

How your day will proceed, what to look out for or look forward to in your work, love and life. I can also do a reading for your partner (that you can send them), I will do this by choosing a card with the intention that the reading is for her.


A reading that will give you an insight into what you might want to think about, look into, or look out for currently. This reading is more spiritual and will give you something to meditate on.


I draw 6 cards for you in this reading. This is a great reading to get a glimpse into how you’re doing right now, in every aspect of your life at this moment. This reading can also answer specific questions by giving guidance.

The cards and their position in the reading will hint at how you’re feeling now, what you want out of life, what you might be fearing, what your strengths are, and what the overall outcome of your efforts might be. This reading has stood the test of time in tarot, and has proven itself very powerful!


1) Message me on Instagram (@lesbianpulp) and tell me that you want a reading.
2) I’ll message you back to confirm, and request your email for delivery.
3) You make a cashapp payment to $twowomen (USA only) or sign up for my tarot patreon tier (everywhere else).
4) You tell me a few things that you want me to look out for in your reading. Maybe a question you’re pondering or something that’s on your mind.
5) I do your reading, and send you the transcript (via email)


This reading gave me a lot of hope! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it :)


Your reading was so en pointe, I will definitely be getting another one soon!!


Thank you so much, this has given me a lot of clarity for my day!


Hi! thank you so much for the beautiful and insightful reading :-)


Your reading really helped me make some important decisions about my career and love life. I took the daily meditation and thought on it for a while, and it helped me see some clarity in my situation.


My patreon is filled with lesbian content. Namely, romance and erotica. This is where my name comes from: Lesbian Pulp! Inspired by the early lesbian pulp fiction books, my writing is fast, furious, and will give you a fever - the good kind! Become a patron for $1 (for your first month), and get hooked!