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Hey friends! Thanks for connecting with me. I’m glad you’re here! 💖

A bit about myself: I am 27, I am a mom of 2.
I was born in LA California, moved to Nevada on my 5th birthday.
Always struggled with negativity & just being told now that I’m a mom I can’t pursue my baking dreams. So I use to not give up on showing them I could until one day I started believing them.. so I just went straight to 5-8 hour jobs.

I kept working 5-8 hour jobs before I found my stay at home Job. But before we go in to all that I worked & worked, got pregnant with my first in 2016, was jobless for 3 months to be with my baby. Then I went back but transfer to a closer location since also had moved in with my fiancé. Worked for 2 years or so got pregnant with my 2nd baby 2018 & just went a year or so without working then I got another 5-8 hour job, & got laid off. Then that’s when the struggle started only my fiancé working & me having to ask for food stamps & help from my mom & dad for kids diapers & essentials.

I hated living this way, until one day I saw a girl posting about this business how it has helped her get out of debt & paid her house in cash & all & was like hmm looks nice but I was like nah it’s too hard to believe this is actually true. Then a day I accidentally voted on her poll about joining the business. She then messaged me if was interested & I literally didn’t think twice & was like yeah sure what do I have to loose 🤷🏻‍♀️ & so I gave it a try & I don’t regret this change.
Now I get to work on my own time from wherever & with whatever hours I want without leaving my babies & without missing any moments with them. 💖 I even built great friendships!
This business is life changing! It’s changed me in so many ways like one is it helped me get out of my comfort zone so I can reach my goals & dreams!
My life now is way better than what it was before I joined.

If you are anything like me, that wants more family time, own your hours, & reach your goals & dreams or maybe just want an extra income to increase that monthly cash flow then you came to the right place! We are the top #3 income earning team!
My go to modo is “ Nothing is impossible, because itself says I’m possible.”

So SWIPE left to the next page to fill out my application, & let’s find out together if this could be the solution you’ve been paying for too! 🙏🏻 >>>>>>
Ps: I’m also starting my pastry Dream’s small. By selling cupcakes & more if ever interested don’t hesitate to message me. 💖