Hi, I’m Leslie!

Jesus lovin’, English teachin’, shampoo sellin’ girl, ready to help change the world & change lives!

I was a little nervous to post about my company because I never wanted to become “that girl.”

You know, “that girl” who bothers acquaintances from high school that she hasn’t talked to in 8 years. “That girl” who shoves her new and improved basic product down other people’s throats. “That girl” who will just fizzle out in a month anyways, so everyone will see she’s a failure and tell her a resounding, “I told ya so.” “That girl” who bought into just another get-rich-quick scheme.

So I prayed. I knew that my fearful heart was just being selfish, worried more about the comments of man than about the truth of my worth.

I truly believe that God placed this company on my path for a reason. Through it, I am learning to live a toxin-free life in order to properly steward the body that He gave me. This company has promoted a healthier lifestyle: It began with healthy hair, which moved into fitness, diet, and cleaning. This company has set me on a trajectory of financial stability and freedom. This company is shoving me way outside my comfort zone in order to gain confidence in my God and myself.

So yes, Monat has given more longer, fuller, softer, and shinier hair. But it is so much more than that. To me, this company is not just shampoo and conditioner. It’s a chance to grow as a person. One of my mentors in the business has told me several times, if I believe in a product like I do, then I am harming my friends, family, and acquaintances by keeping it to myself. You know where else I have heard that? Church. I want to use Monat as a mission. Not just to sell shampoo, but to promote a lifestyle of honoring the temples that God has blessed us with and sharing His Gospel for His glory. I want to be “that girl.”

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