Tell the world what you’re made of

The name LEspifit comes from a mixture of my grandmother in heavens name Lidia and our last name Espinal.
This is an ALL Women Virtual Workout class to help inspire, motivate and EMPOWER ALL FEMALES!

We dedicate all of our time to either our children, husbands, boyfriends, parents and/or our jobs but never take the time to dedicate it to ourselves.
Why is it so hard to take 45 mins of your time once a day for yourself?
That is why I decided to create a Safe Haven for us. For everyone to be who they are without any judgment. A place you can speak your mind!!
In my package, which includes a meal plan, 1:1 coaching but the most important part of this is our MOTIVATIONAL CHAT!!
I want to build an Army of Women coming together as one! Helping other moms out there who are overly stressed during this horrible Pandemic. Between Remote virtual Learning with our children, from working at home and to also deal with the Covid scare we all have!
We need an escape! We need to come together and tell each other “You are not alone“..

Join our next Virtual all Women Revolution!!

Start taking time for YOU. For that Self Healing we all need.

“ A Strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink😉 “-m

“It’s not about how you start your day, it’s how you end it.. “- Yeiry

If your ready for this epic change,
Shoot me a text 917-251-2741 or email me [email protected] with your goal weight, any concerns and of course, what are you looking forward to joining our team!!!!