Christine’s Lessons Over Coffee

I’m an Upper Elementary School Teacher turned Homeschool Mommy, who loves creating engaging foldable research projects that are easy to make! I recently started teaching ESL online and love it!!
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I’ve created easy to implement projects for reading, math, social studies and science that your kids will absolutely love!

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Exploding Box Projects

These easy to make boxes come in over 20 different topics and are continuing to be updated. Students love presenting these projects to their classmates and family members. I’ve included easy to follow instructions.

Amazon Must Haves

Check out my “must haves” for my online classroom, momlife and homeschool.

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Pop Up Book Project

This teacher favorite is easy to make and the students LOVE IT. I’ve included step by step instructions for the visual learners as well.

Digital Research Project

Use this interactive and engaging research project in your distance learning classroom.

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