All you need is sunshine & essential oils ✨

Hey! I am Nikki, or as my students call me, Mrs. Lix! I am a grade one teacher who believes in chasing after dreams & using all of the essential oils! ✨

My love for Young Living essential oils started about a year ago when I was looking for ways to support my sleep. I was scrolling through Instagram and learned about the starter kit. The rest is history & I am so glad I said yes when I did.

My husband and I have enjoyed learning about ditching and switching the toxic chemicals in our home. Young living makes this so easy, and we will never go back to our old life style and habits.

Our home has never been healthier and we always smell so dreamy- bonus! ✨

I can’t wait for you to get your kit & join our community. Oils will change your life!

This is how I got started with my oils ✨

The Premium starter kit comes with 11 of the most popular oils, a diffuser, 2 packages of Ningxia red, thieves hand purifier, literature and a bunch of extra goodies. The best part about joining our team is our resources. When you buy your kit with me, you’ll join our amazing educational Facebook page. There is also an opportunity to join our business team too.

$199 Canadian

11 oils: lavender, peppermint, frankincense, lemon, thieves, digize, copaiba, panaway, purification, R.C. and northern lights black spruce.

Your choice of a diffuser & extra goodies!

Don’t know anything about essential oils?

Don’t worry if you are new and feeling overwhelmed. Believe it or not, we all felt this way when first starting out. I am here for you! If you have a question... ask! 💕

When you sign up, I will send you a welcome package. A few items to help you get started and some recipe cards for diffuser and rollerball blends. You’ll join our amazing groups to help you learn and grow!


My favourite Young Living products outside of the starter kit. ✨


Ningxia Red is an antioxidant wolfberry purée. A natural energy boost that is so good on its own or mixed with sparkling water. In our home we drink this daily!

Thieves Cleaner

We use thieves cleaner for all the things. Bathroom, kitchen, hardwood floors, windows.... we only have 1 cleaner!
Add a drop of lemon or orange essential oil into your cleaner for an even fresher scent!

Thieves laundry soap

We have ditched and switched all of the toxic chemicals in our home. I LOVE this laundry soap. No strong fragrance that will leave you with a headache, just a subtle fresh scent. So good!

Tell the world what you’re made of

I love being the crazy essential oil lady!
Live your dreams & don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.. ✨💛
Be you, be proud!