Cindy Caravalho, Black Oxygen Organics Brand Partner #134961101

Do You BOO?

Hey there! Excited to share about this magic dirt! The fulvic minerals help with energy, inflammation, removing toxins and parasites, oxidative stress, leaky gut, pain, circulation, enzyme production, hormones and so much more. It’s a powerful electrolyte and antioxidant and provides minerals from Mother Earth. Our world is depleted of minerals and full of toxins nowadays... this product is made from a peat bog with all the nutrients in Canada.

Does it taste like dirt? Nope! It's tasteless and powerful. I'm obsessed with this stuff and I only have to take 1 thing that does all the things... which is a huge win because I'm saving hundreds of dollars every single month.

It's $1 to join the business if you're ever interested.

We have an amazing group full of info and testimonials. You can add yourself or if I sent you an invite please accept it and I'll tag you in some info!

Using the search bar in the group for specific topics will help you find what you're looking for if needed.

After looking through the group, please let me know if you have any questions or if you need any help ordering your DIRT and I will help you out. 🤗

Lets BOO this!
Much love, Cindy! 🥰