Develop your Voice. Make a Difference.

The Holy Spirit is actively looking for voices to declare truth to the world. He needs your voice! Let’s Echo is all about developing your voice so you can make a difference for God. We offer resources and events for women who desire to communicate the Gospel with confidence.

Our next event is called The Echo Weekend which is a four day, hands on, workshop located in Waco, Tx. It will be Thursday, December 5-Sunday, December 8.

Over 100 women have gone through this life changing workshop from 18 states and Canada. Join us and gain confidence and confidants 🥳

All about our #echowknd

Your voice deserve to be developed!

Our Top 10 Fav Things About #echowknd

Our Top 10 Fav Things About #echowknd

This is our 10th Echo Weekend and each one gets sweeter, so it’s hard to narrow it down to only ten but here’s goes nothing...

Personal Feedback and Coaching

Each time you speak, you will receive customized coaching in order to improve in your communication skills. It is always given with love and respect.

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Meet the Team

Sisters to cheer you on 🎉

God has assembled one all star team for Let’s Echo. A group of women from all over the United States who deeply care about women being trained to spread the Good News with confidence. We are honored to serve you!

Our Founder, Amie Stockstill

Amie has a passion for fun and loves to include everyone. She truly believes every woman has a powerful voice to be used for God to make a difference. Through her unique coaching style and warm personable manner, she will win your heart and make you feel like you can do anything.

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Emma Schneider, Coach

As a cheerleader of others and their dreams, Emma brings a contagious joy to the Echo team. She is a logistical ninja, teacher, and coach who abides by a life principle to choose courage in the face of fear. She has an insatiable thirst to learn and looks forward to celebrating you.

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Krista Little, Coach

A multi-talented woman who never stops growing and creating, Krista uses her quirky personality to make everyone feel comfortable. She knows what it is like to push beyond the barriers to see exponential growth. She will relate to you every step of your speaking journey.

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Tori Solomon, Coach

A ball of energy who never meets a stranger, Tori loves people and is passionate about helping others in their journey to Christ. She has a heart for missions and evangelism, and a deep desire to develop and disciple women. Her big faith and encouraging spirit will make you feel like she's the big sister you never had!

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Carly Gerdau, Master Chef

Carly Gerdau is the founder, creative mind, and maker behind re:Created, an independent jewelry brand. She currently resides in Hamilton, Alabama, where she runs re:Created from her home studio. The mission of re:Created is to create beautiful things out of other things--because everyone who is in Christ is now a new creation. Old things have passed away, behold all things have become new (2 Cor. 5:17).

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Michele Reising, Advisor

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