Meet The Founder of Let’s Talk Gynae

Hey, I’m Cheyenne (pronounced shy-ann), a Qualified Registered Nurse, Menstrual Well-being Coach and your go to guide expert by profession and experience about all things Gynaecology.

I ultimately love helping young women like myself who have gynaecology conditions, who have been newly diagnosed, currently living with any type of reproductive health condition or for those who want to get their S!?* together, to becoming more in tune and aligned with their reproductive health.

My platform Lets Talk Gynae, was birthed in 2016, to create a safe space for young women to feel empowered, elevated and educated about our phenomenal female reproductive system. This platform will help young women from all over the world to step out and step into a new life of leadership, taking control of our powerful female energies and not feeling ashamed of our precious womanhood.

At times life takes its toll and having reproductive health problems can be daunting and bloody frustrating, but it’s time to eradicate hormonal imbalances, menustration issues, fatigue and exhaustion and negative energy that surrounds our wombs.

I’m creating a narrative that helps us to have balance, stability that can influence change with the world of gynaecology.

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