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Lettyplusthree has a lot of meaning to me. Not only does the three stand for my 3 boys Jaxson Nathan & Julian. But it also has a lot of reflection of myself. It also stands for respect, love & family. Those are three VERY important things I’m teaching my boys. It stands for self love, prosperity & honor. Also three things I’m teaching my boys. This is my journey on being a single mom but also of being the best I can be for myself and my boys. God & my family have played such a big role in my journey and I couldn’t have gone this far without them. But at the end of the night when my boys are sleeping and I once again accomplished another day of craziness and chaos I call my home I reflect on my day of being able to thank God that he has helped me one more day. Being a mom is the most amazing and best gift ever.....but it’s DEFINITELY the hardest job out there. Trying to provide, teach, guide, but still give them each their own attention is for sure challenging. I have no time to myself no social outings and have definitely lost connection with a lot of people. But the friends I still have (you know who you are) the ones who still reach out all say the same thing...” I don’t know how you do it.” Trust me at times I don’t even know how I do it but God is good and he has never left my side. Now it’s time to get my old self back. But this time better because I will accomplish it all as a mommy!

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