I came from a place of burn out, going through the motions, lack of self belief and confidence, and high stress. Through uncontrollable life circumstances, finally learning my value as a human being, and putting in the daily work to find self love and acceptance …I came to the realization that life is SO MUCH MORE than your stress! I coach to help my clients see that stress does NOT have to run their life! Your life has infinite value! Your potential is limitless! Using subconscious mind techniques as well as ancient yogic teachings, I help clients see that potential and spark for life once again! My goal is to help people learn their value, feel safe to show up as their authentic selves, live life out loud, and move through growth instead of fear! I truly believe that each person who values their own life, sends a ripple effect throughout the entire world- inspiring others to respect and love their own life, go after their dreams, and simply be themselves!

More about me:
1.) I love dogs, especially GSPs!🐕
2.) I love yoga and I am a 200hr trained yoga teacher! 🧘🏻‍♀️
3.) I used to be full of self doubt, fear, and felt very stuck.
4.) I have worked with my coaches and mentors to come to a place of healing, growth & abundance!
5.) I am currently working towards my mindset coach cert with @Yessupply !
6.) I can’t wait to work with YOU and level up YOUR mindset, and thus, your life :)

Stuck to Leveled Up

6 fortnightly coaching sessions, focused on taking you from feeling burnt out and stuck, ➡️to inspired, motivated, authentic, and confident in yourself, where you are now, and where you’re heading!🧡

I came from a place of burn out, going through the motions, lack of self belief and confidence, and high stress. I totally know how it feels to lack motivation, confidence, and feel as if you have minimal potential for change😞
Through uncontrollable life circumstances, learning my value as a human being, and putting in the work to find self love and acceptance …I came to the realization that life is SO MUCH MORE than your stress! Your burn out, your stress, your fixed mindset are present because your body and mind are telling you ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! You are meant to live life authentically, and fully!… You are not meant to live through the mask of stress and burn out!
THIS PROGRAM focuses on moving from a stuck, stressed, and burnt out existence… into GROWTH, ABUNDANCE, ACCEPTANCE, LOVE, CONFIDENCE. Through coaching techniques, as well as teachings of the ancient chakra system, together we will get to the root of your burn out, and make room in your subconscious for INSPIRATION to take hold once more! At the end of this program you will be able to RECLAIM YOUR ENERGY from stress with greater ease, tap into GROWTH, and hold a greater UNDERSTANDING and appreciation for yourself and your unique journey. 🧡


🔥6, private 60-90 minute, virtual coaching sessions.
🔥Voxer voice messaging access to me throughout the length of your program, for personalized support in between sessions.
🔥Lifetime access to my official Stuck To Leveled Up Workbook.
💲Payment plans of 2-3 payments available


◾️Mindset Coaching IS…

…Tapping into your subconscious through various techniques, to allow you to overcome limiting beliefs, and other barriers to your truth.
…A mentorship.
…Support on the path towards your goals.
…Guidance towards acknowledging your own inner knowledge, intuition, and your incredible impact & connection to the Universe around you.
…Guidance through techniques that help you uncover your own hidden truths.
…Gentle guidance on wellness practices that help cultivate peace, such as meditation, mindfulness, & daily gratitude.
…Motivation to seek out & continue on your most aligned life.
…Encouragement & guidance on self love, compassion, confidence, gratitude, & self-reflection.

◾️Mindset coaching is NOT…

…Advice giving.
…Religious instruction.
…A guru/student relationship…I am not here to impart my beliefs on you.
…an Instruction manual on how to live your life.
…Forcing new ways/doctrines/habits for the client to immediately adopt.
…A teacher/student relationship… I, as a coach, am a human, and no superior to those seeking guidance. I do NOT know better than you, or have the answers you seek… only YOU have the answers.
…Mental health counseling or therapy.
…Medical advice, diagnosing, or prescribing.

The main thing you must understand is that YOU 👏🏼ALREADY 👏🏼KNOW the answers you seek. ⬅️They’re just chilling in your subconscious☺️
I do NOT give advice.
I assist you tap into your own wisdom, and the answers will come. 🧡
You are more powerful than you may know.✨

⚡️Stuck to Leveled Up IS for YOU if…⬇️
◾️Are BURNT OUT of life/work/parenting/athletic goals/etc, and are ready to find that spark of INSPIRATION again 🔥
◾️Have big goals & dreams, but feel stuck or lost as how to start taking steps towards
them, or you’re having trouble on the follow through.
◾️If you feel you are meant for more, but you doubt your ability to change your life, or are unsure where to start.
◾️If you feel STUCK, and want to make a change towards more positivity and joy in your everyday.
◾️If you feel you are not living up to your potential, and you want guidance to tap into the infinite potential that is within you RIGHT NOW.
◾️If you feel unaligned in your current existence and you want to learn how to cultivate more authenticity in your everyday.
◾️If you lack support or motivation on the pursuit of your dreams.
◾️If you struggle with negativity, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs.
◾️If you feel you are going through the motions, and merely existing rather than TRULY LIVING your life.
◾️You are DONE with playing small and you’re ready to LEVEL UP YOUR LIFE.

⚡️My 1:1 Mindset Coaching is NOT for you if you: ⬇️

◾️You are looking for someone to tell you what to do.
◾️You don’t want to actually do any work to level up your life.
◾️You’re not ready for a commitment to bettering yourself.
◾️You want a guru or teacher…. (I can help to guide you on your path, but you’re the only one who has the answers for what is right in YOUR life)
◾️You are seeking religious guidance
◾️You are seeking care for a serious mental health condition such as depression, generalized anxiety, mood disorders, etc…. In this case you need to seek help from a Licensed mental health professional to best suit your need!
◾️You are seeking professional medical help.

That being said…
✨If you are ready to conquer burn out, and lean into your inspired energy….
✨If you are ready and committed to leveling up your life…
✨If you’ve had ENOUGH of playing small and safe, and have NO MORE TIME TO WASTE on the pursuit of living your best life…
✨If you know in your heart that you were meant to do BIG THINGS, and influence the world in a BIG AND BEAUTIFUL WAY…

🧡I would LOVE to talk more!
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NEXT LEVEL Single Sessions

Á la carte, 90 minute, coaching sessions, to help you get to that NEXT LEVEL version of YOU!

⚡️Next Level Coaching Sessions are:

🔥1:1 private, virtual, coaching sessions.
🔥Sessions run 60-90 minutes in length.
🔥All sessions are held virtually on Zoom.
🔥You can choose to do 1 session, or book multiple!



▪️Got goals? This session is for you! Let’s talk through your goals, your WHY, and your current plan!
▪️We will work through any limiting beliefs that come up right away when you think of your goal.
▪️Together, we’ll future pace your goal, and write down a step by step plan of execution based on your goal timeline.
▪️This session ends with a guided visualization of your goal.


▪️EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique
▪️EFT involves you physically tapping on certain areas of your body, that are associated with ancient meridian points in traditional Chinese acupuncture practices, in order to release stress and anxiety.
▪️This session is for you if you have anxiety, fear, or self-sabotaging behaviors coming up that are preventing you from fully accessing your potential, or are preventing you from going after the next step in your goal process.
▪️This session starts with an interview about what is coming up for you, and finishes with multiple rounds of guided EFT tapping, to help you release the anxious thoughts that are not serving you, creating space for GROWTH.


▪️I am trained in basic progressive relaxation hypnosis through my coaching training at Yessupply Mindset Coaching! DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a certified hypnotherapist or a certified hypnotist, and I do not pretend to be!
▪️During a hypnosis session with me, the goal is to become deeply relaxed so you can directly speak to your subconscious mind.
▪️You will be in complete control the whole time☺️
▪️This session will start with an interview to determine what you WANT in your life!
▪️This session will end with a guided progressive relaxation hypnosis session that is tailored to your specific goals and outcomes!
▪️This session is for you if you are having a hard time visualizing your future goals, or you’re having a hard time believing you can actually accomplish your goal.
▪️This session is also for you if have been feeling burnt out and stuck, and want to envision your highest self. Placing a visualization in the subconscious mind, will help you embody this version of you with greater ease in real life!

🔥If YOU are interested in a NEXT LEVEL SESSION, fill out the form below! ⬇️

Burnout Breakthrough

3 private coaching sessions, held fortnightly, to jumpstart you from a burnt out existence, ➡️ into an inspired and growth based mindset.

⚡️Introducing Burnout Breakthrough!

▪️Burnout Breakthrough is essentially the shorter, more condensed version of my 6 session Stuck to Leveled Up program.
▪️Burnout Breakthrough consists of 3 fortnightly, 60-90 minute, virtual coaching sessions.
▪️Sessions are focused on meeting you where you are, getting to the root of your burnout and stress, and then jumping right into coaching techniques to help release and reframe your stressors.
▪️This program includes the same written materials as Stuck to Leveled Up, and is a huge VALUE!
▪️This program includes…
🔥3, 60-90 minute, private, virtual coaching sessions.
🔥Voxer access to me throughout length of your program.
🔥Lifetime access to my official Stuck to Leveled Up Workbook.
💲Payment plan of 2 payments available.

▪️By the end of Burnout Breakthrough, you will have learned multiple techniques for stress management. You will learn how to use a growth mindset to shift your perspective. You will start to embody a more peaceful and authentic version of you. You will know your stress does not define you, and you have the power to take back the reins of your life!

⚡️If you’re interested in this program, fill out my discovery call form ⬇️