Lita Leveque

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The Fine Print


Safety - both yours and my own - is paramount to me.

You may request to screen via email in lieu of submitting the form, if you wish.

I personally manage all aspects of booking and never outsource correspondence or screening. The details you provide are kept confidential, secure, and will not be retained on file after screening is complete.


To reserve time with me, a 20% deposit is necessary. FMTY subject to 50% deposit.

The deposit is refundable or transferable up to 7 days prior to your booking.

If you must cancel or reschedule our session, please provide at least 48 hours of advanced notice to avoid a 50% cancelation fee.

In the event that I must reschedule, a full refund is offered.


I appreciate concise communication.

You may expect my emails to be pleasant yet succinct, but my reception upon meeting you to be warm.

Please avoid beginning multiple email threads when contacting me. Instead, reply to the last email within our conversation thread.

Extended Engagements

Bookings longer than three hours are paired with social time in a public setting.

A six hour engagement is designated for those who'd like to enjoy ample time out and about with leisure time in private if desired.

Overnights must include a minimum of seven hours of uninterrupted sleep.

If we are spending a day or longer together, I require two hours of alone time per day to recharge and refresh. I may opt to visit a spa, use the gym, quietly check out a bookstore, etc.

Expendatures associated with dining or activities are separate from the rate and to be covered by my suitor.


Interested in a duet (or more)? I'd enthusiastically welcome the addition of an established companion of your choosing. In the interest of creating a positive experience for all, it is customary to match to the higher rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

▪︎ Do you have availability today?
I highly recommend providing at least 24-hours notice. If I'm able to accomodate your same-day request, a $200 rush surcharge applies.

▪︎ Will you be my reference?
As a security measure, you must first send me a REFERENCE REQUEST and hang tight until I've approved the request. Do not provide my name/contact info to anyone without my expressed consent.

▪︎ May I post a review?
I do not allow reviews on websites which encourage or require disclosure of details that could compromise our privacy.

▪︎ Will you meet me if I'm...?
Meeting me is never contingent upon your race, gender expression, orientation, appearance, religion, or ability. In order to best accommodate you, I ask that you disclose anything that may impact our date.


" I was delighted as she opened the door and welcomed me in, she is a cool drink of water in a hot desert. She provides a very comfortable environment. It was very easy talking with her as I admired her. She is very beautiful, inviting, soft, creative, and present. I really like that she wants to know what I like. Everything seemed to move so effortlessly and non-rushed..."

"Lita has a gorgeous punk pixie look and an infatuating demeanor.

Most of all I was taken by her personality. She is warm, sincere, and open, wonderfully open, disarmingly so.

Truly of the most charming people I have met on these encounters. Lavish some time with this lady!"

"...on the evening of our appointment, she breezed in like a breath of fresh air. Lita was an impossibly perfect choice. She’s really attractive, has an impish aspect to her personality, but damn, she’s also sexy as hell. And she’s got more than a bit of naughtiness in her soul."

"We met at a nice hotel in Midtown, New York. When she opened the door I was taken back by how stunning she looked, more so than what was captured in her pictures. She really has a natural beauty and when she smiles her whole face lights up."