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About Us

Levi the Miniature Dachshund

Hello 👋🏻

I’m Emma from West Sussex in the UK and this cheeky chap is Levi. We love nothing more then spending our time together exploring and
adventuring - I’m so happy that you’ve decided to join us.

Levi was born on the 22nd of June 2019 in Crowborough, East Sussex.
Levi (VEGA AQUILAE LEVI) is one of four beautiful Miniature Dachshunds that was born on that day. At 8 weeks old levi came home with us and now we can’t imagine life without him.
Levi is RAW fed, a decision we made after a lot of consideration and research.
He’s intelligent, funny, loud, loyal and extremely loving. However he is also extremely shy and nervous of strangers, but once he gets to know you expect all the kisses in the world.
He’s a massive lover of fetch, scent games, training and of course digging.

My 6 big loves (aside from my friends and family) are animals, nature, vintage fashion, the great outdoors, Disney and Pokémon.

I’ve only recently taken up photography in April 2020 and I’m absolutely loving it!
Capturing memories on walks with my best friend has been therapy to me during the covid-19 lockdown. As a key worker this has been my release and escape from reality.

I originally started Levi’s account on a whim not expecting it to go anywhere. I’ve encountered so many amazing people along the way and made some incredible friends, thank you to all those who have supported us.

My gear that I use to capture these moments, is my Nikon D750, AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f1.8 and Sigma 70-200mm APO EX DG OS f2.8.
I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for
editing, all the presets I use are from Polkadot Presets.

Favourite brands and discounts

From gorgeous collars to fun bandanas!
Each of these brands put their hearts into their craft and only provide the very best quality products. We personally use each brand featured here on this list.

Woof Frills

We’ve been so lucky to be a part of this shop since Levi was very young. Woof Frills is one of our all time favourite small businesses! It’s been incredible to see lavi’s business blossom. Everything is handmade with high quality fabric - the range includes collars, leads, bandanas and bow ties, all made in a large variety of patterns and colours. There’s even a option to personalise a bandana or bow tie with your pups name on it!

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Smoozle and Bone

This business is blooming and it’s only going to get better! Smoozle and Bone offers a wide range of high quality handmade items! With so many fabric choices on offer, you’ll always be spoiled for choice.
From stylish collars, leads and bandanas to toys, beds, crate covers and my favourite - personalised blankets featuring your dogs name!

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Handmade Hound

This new and exciting business has only just began! But it is blossoming into such a lovely small business. Handmade hound specialise in Biothane sets, rope leads and human apparel! The best part is the apparel is responsibly sourced with organic cotton! I must say I live in my “I just want to hang with my dog” jumper.

Support a new business and help them grow!

Use the code LEVI10 to save 10%

Colclough And Canine

A lovely independent doggy boutique located in lovely Cornwall. They specialise in natural air dried healthy doggy treats with no added nasties. They are extremely eco-friendly and send out all orders in recyclable cardboard packaging! No nasty plastic in sight!
You can order from pre packaged bundles OR you can even create your own pawsome bundle with the newly released pick & mix!

Help support this lovely independent small business! Next time your dog needs some healthy chews and treats why not place an order?

Use code LEVI10 to save 10%


The reason Levi has a no pet sleeve is because he gets extremely overwhelmed in busy environments. A lot of people = a lot of strangers leaning all over him, reaching out wanting to pet the cute tiny sausage dog.

We discovered Maria’s business on Etsy and had to place a custom order. Safe to say since Levi has had the sleeve on his lead no one has attempted to pet him!

If you need to communicate to strangers and dog owners what to do / not to do then definitely check this shop out!

Use code LEVI10 to save 10%

Oh Crumbs Treats

Luxury home-made dog treats made with human grade ingredients. Specialising in birthday boxes, afternoon tea biscuits (including some well known human favourites like custard creams!) and amazing iced doughnuts! Made with doggy friendly icing of course! 

The treats are sent well protected in eco friendly packaging!

They make the perfect gift for your best friend.

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The London Pup

We are absolutely delighted to be working with The London Pup! They create the most perfect custom Biothane designs. As well as Paracord collars, beautiful wrapped collars and gorgeous rope leads with the most stunning whipping combinations. They tailor to dogs of all sizes so no doggy misses out!

Be sure to check the sales highlights on their Instagram to grab a bargain!

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Benyfit Natural

As mention in our about me section, Levi is raw fed. We started using Benyfit Natural soon after Levi came to his forever home.
It’s all 100% natural, 0% fillers, grains or additives. All meat used is human-grade and the majority of the range contains single source proteins, meaning any meat, bone or offal used comes from the same type of animal. The Benyfit Natural range now exceeds 20 varieties! So Levi gets a good varied diet and not the same protein day in and day out.
Raw feeding has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. Levi’s coat is extremely glossy, his skin is in great condition and so is his teeth.

Use code LEVI10 to save 10% on your first order.