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GOAL: 50K (It only takes $1.00-$5.00)

As we know, Atlanta, GA is in transition to become the next Hollywood. The Entertainment Industry solely works successfully on networking and connections. I work with a lot of creators here in Georgia. A lot of them are hungry, motivated, and determined like myself. A lot of them are freelancers and don’t have a space to work out of that is safe, clean, and most importantly provided to work professionally for ourselves as well as our communities with out having to pay to rent expensive sets and up charging to break even with their services. Not to mention it is very hard for creatives to find consistent wage work in the state of Georgia.

It has been my dream to own and provide a safe place in an area outside the heavy populated area of Metro Atlanta that is still accessible not only for myself but for other self taught creators. With my endeavors, I want provide job opportunities for other creatives.

My plans:
I own a home based graphic design and digital art business since 2007. (I would like for customers to have a safe place to come to where direct services can be offered.)
I own a magazine and independent exposure platform for the arts and entrepreneurship.
I shoot cinematography, tv shows, pilots, Epi-Series, video podcasts, and documentaries.

It is too much to do alone. Along with the job opportunities, I want to put people on pay roll.

To add on, I would like to have non-profit workshops to teach the youth, (our future leaders) as well as others who are interested in the community about the rapid changes in technology and how to adapt.

My vision is to buy an eco friendly environment to express and accomplish their creative ideas for TV, Arts, Entertainment, New Businesses and networking.


The Team of Loyal & Innovative Creatives

Levy Collaboratives is a housed collective of creatives who come together to accomplish the needs of other creatives and business endeavors from small to large brands and entities based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our goal
is to service and promote impactful emerging brands and businesses while providing a place for creatives to actively work for and with people through connections and networking.