Meet yours truly!

Hello, I’m Lexus!

A little about me — I used to be a full-time stay at home mom. Home all the time, only having one income living just paycheck to paycheck, not only was finding a sitter hard for us. Until one day, I just thought to myself “how can I make money while also being at home taking care of my child?” And that’s when I seen an opportunity and I never looked backed.

You have the power to control your life and to change any situation you’re in right now for the better, no matter the circumstances. There’s so many opportunities for you. You can move forward and I’m here to help you do that!

It’s my mission to help & empower others to live & create their terms through a global business opportunity. I will be your mentor, best friend, & personal bestfriend! From thinking I wasn’t gonna be able to make any income at home with my child too being part of 2 awesome million dollar industries — if I can change my life around, so can YOU...

So are you ready to take control of your life and accomplish what you’ve been dreaming of on YOUR terms while earning an income?

If you think you are ready, let’s have a chat.

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