You’re right where you should be.

4 years ago I was a full-time college student while working as a Nanny and being a single girl! While I was picking up as many hours as I could between college classes, I still felt like I'm living paycheck to paycheck and weren't saving a whole lot of money. All of my time went to college classes for Architectural Engineering, homework, or working! I felt so exhausted and defeated that even though I was trying to provide the best for my mom cos she is not working, I was still struggling to pay bills and our family time was pretty much non-existent.

So I decided to join a business I saw being posted about on Facebook and Instagram - a way to make extra income online.

I started working this business completely on social media and within 3 months had started working from home completely. I was actually making MORE money with my online business than I was at my job as a Nanny!

I was able to fulfill the calling God put on my heart and quit my job, work from home, and be with my mom every day. I didn't have to drop them her off to the clinic and cry on my way to work because I missed her so much because now I am a work at the home single girl. I am my own boss, I get to travel whenever I want, be with each other every day and best of all. I NEVER have to punch in a time clock. And I NEVER miss out on a moment with my mom. I get to be the daughter who is preset while still providing for my family. This business has truly changed my life.

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