Job provision

Kelly’s story

Kelly, from Australia.

Last year, I started a job in one of Melbourne's major hospitals. I really enjoyed this job, it brought so much joy, and I felt blessed to be part of the team there.

After working there for a while, I acquired an injury at work, which caused problems with the functioning of my shoulder. In the midst of rehab and recovery, it took surrender and trust in God to get through the season, as the thoughts in my mind tried to understand why this had happened, as this job held so much value to me. Thankfully, I made a full recovery, I am grateful for everything I learnt in that space.

I was able to continue back at work, be in a place where you get to bless others and share God’s love. However, shortly after returning to work, I acquired another injury, this time at home, fracturing my wrist. I was in shock to say the least. One injury after the other. But again, this was an opportunity to trust in God even when I didn’t understand. And looking back, I see how he has worked everything for good.

I was unable to work for a 12 week period while my arm was healing, so in this time I stayed home. In the midst of this, the effect of the COVID-19 virus was unfolding. So in some ways, I felt at peace not being in a busy hospital at the time. At this time, I had considered looking for a different job, even though I loved my job, there were more logistical reasons to look for new work. I applied for a few places, but nothing seemed promising due to most workplaces shutting down at the time.
In the 12 weeks, work had contacted me and offered for me to come back, however I felt at peace to resign. That was a difficult decision, but I knew that God was prompting.

My last contracted day came and went, I was no longer employed there. And for a couple of days I felt the loss of that. A sort of mourning. And the next week began I felt God saying it’s now a new chapter, and there are new beginnings. And in that I asked Him, what now?

That afternoon, I received an email for a new work position, it was one of the places I had previously applied to. Logistically, it was amazing. It was closer to home, and the hours were perfect! These were things I was prayerful about when applying for jobs, as I wanted to remain present within my household while still being able to contribute financially.

On the same day, I received a phone call from the doctor saying that my arm was fully healed. If this doesn’t prove God’s provision and timing, I don’t know what else could!

I can move forward out of this season knowing in my heart that nothing is impossible for Him.

When days are tough, we get the privilege of leaning into Him. We need to lean into Him. When we lean in, we come to the place where we know, that we know, that we know deep down, God has got this.

Skin healing

Maria’s story

Maria is from Chile, living in Australia.

I know a lot of people that have been wrestling with skin issues and have seen a lot of prayer request about this. I just got healed from a disturbing skin issue that tormented me over 8 months, it took my sleep away at night and took my peace away during the day. I thought it was all kind of things, I first though it was a plague of bed bugs, I did several pest controls, I treated myself with toxic lotions and they worked but just for a short period of time, the rash was always back. I tried to see some doctors, but every time I had my appointments the rash disappeared so they weren’t able to diagnose my issue.
After some months the rash became really bad. I asked a friend who is a doctor to please help. He told me he wasn’t sure what this was but he thought it was a genetic dermatitis (I do have a family background on dermatitis). I followed his instructions and the rash got appeased, but again it came back after a little while. The last strike was a food allergy - I cut out gluten and it helped, but nothing got rid of it completely. Also, during this period, countless people prayed over my skin and laid hands on me, but nothing really happened, or it would even get worse. One day I was praying about it and I clearly heard God telling me “I am going to give you new skin”.
Parallel to this, the Holy Spirit was leading me to step into a new field for me in the spiritual world. I soon realised that my skin issue was not something from the flesh, but from spiritual warfare.
A strong desire to dive into deliverance was awakened in me. I told a few people about it and they gave some guidance, so I started praying and studying about it.
During the quarantine time I felt like I had to fast - side note: I never fast if is not prompted by the Spirit, I had some experiences in the past where I fasted with the wrong heart intentions, and it was a mess, it just triggered me with anxiety, so after that I only do it if the Spirit tells me and pray for grace to do it. Anyway, I did a one day fast (at that point I wasn’t linking this to my skin issue at all) but I strongly felt like I should do a longer one, but every time I tried, I couldn’t make it.
One day I had a vision which confirmed a conversation I was about to have with a friend.
The conversation helped give me wisdom- I realised I was hosting and feeding something that needed to go, and it was being manifested physically so I would have to fight it physically. I opened my Bible and God gave me this word: Isaiah 21:5
“Look! They are preparing a great feast.
They are spreading rugs for people to sit on.
Everyone is eating and drinking.
But quick! Grab your shields and prepare for battle. You are being attacked!
That was confirmation, I was indeed in a spiritual warfare, I was under attack, so hands on, I needed to start fasting, God told me to do a 3 day water fast, I really had to yield this because it is really hard for me to fast. But He is good, He gave me his grace, and I spent those three days in prayer, reading and meditating the Bible and studying.
The second day I had dreams and visions about Jesus breaking this warfare but also telling me that the power of this breakthrough is in the testimony, this testimony will deliver a lot of people suffering from skin issues.
The third day I had a vision, I was laying on the floor facing down and praying in tongues, and I saw myself as a snake going out of my old skin and rolling up in the cross. This is powerful, it reminded me of Numbers 21, when God brought deliverance to the Israelites from the plague and it was through a bronze snake on a pole that people would look up and get healed. Also I did some research about new skin, the reason why snakes get rid of their skin is to get rid of parasites and also because their growth can’t be beared by the old skin. I was clinging onto God´s promise, I was getting new skin.
Also this was about my identity in God, about how much He loves me and wants me to be whole and healthy, He jealousy wants me to host the Holy Spirit in my temple. There needed to be no space there for the old bad habits. They made me realized I was starving not just a spirit of affliction and unbelief, but also thoughts and patterns that felt like too big for God to overcome or fill, like my anxiety. - Side note: my two friends I had praying with me had also been dealing with skin issues their whole life, so we prayed for new skin for them too.
The third day my rash was already gone, and my friends texted me that their skin was so much better too, I was so exited, I was telling everyone about my miracle. But I didn´t think about the aftermath in the counter part. The enemy was doing everything to convince me that the rash was still there, I was checking my skin and it was perfect, I hadn’t seen my skin like that in months, but I still had this “phantom itchiness” so the verse of the day popped up and it said: “So Christ has truly set us free, now make sure you stay free and don’t get tied up again in slavey to the law.” - Galatians 5:1. I was one hundred percent healed but my mind was playing against me, on one hand I wanted to keep a clean mouth, eating and speaking clean, but on the other hand I was feeling drawn to binge and go back to old bad habits.
Since then God has confirmed to me the need for a new lifestyle where I dedicate time to God daily and get my Spirit strengthened. The enemy is doing everything to try make me believe his lies but I am holding on and renewing my mind.
God spoke to me during this battle, and if He did this once, he can do it again and again.