More about me and why you should join me in this healthy hair and skin revolution

Hi my name is Libbey and i am going to tell you a little about me

Hi everyone!
I’m gonna tell you a little more about me and why you should hop on this monat train whether it’s joining as a VIP or even as a market partner. So I grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin but what’s different about me than the rest of the people is that I was born with a hearing loss and it doesn’t stop me from doing anything I love to do. Played hockey since I was 7 years old. Getting my masters in athletic training and was looking to make some money on the side. What I love about these products is that they are not the same stuff you buy in the stores and you only need a little bit to feel the difference and they last several months compared to every other month from store bought ones . Yes they seem expensive but in reality you save money by buying 2-3 times compared to buying every other month with the store bought ones. So fill out the info about you and answer the quiz that interest in you the most and I’ll answer what’s best for you to try! Thanks for your time 😊