This is me

Live a life worth remembering

Liesbet here. Burnout-survivor, travel addict, Scottie mom, child development specialist and wellness advocate. I am happily married to my best friend, Jaco and we have two pups. Duncan (a Scottish terrier) and Tessa (A dog... Scottie x Wire-haired Dachshund). We both love people and adventure!

My main passion is child development. I believe that society expects way to much from children who are developmentally not able to perform to such high standards. I am an Educational Psychology Master’s degree student and I hope to use my degree to bring about change, if not in the system then in individuals and their families. I am concerned that we are raising a generation of burnt out children and that is a tragedy.

My other passion is helping specifically women prevent and recover from burnout, by taking charge of their own lives. The world needs healthy and strong women. Children need healthy and strong moms. Burnout is not a badge of honour.

Apart from these passions, I love reading (or listening to) personal development books, running, and getting to know people’s life stories. The number one thing that makes me feel alive is travelling. The best feeling in the world is my backpack on my back, my hubby by my side and couchsurfing our way through a new country.

I currently have two businesses. The first is MLLS, my learner support practice, where I teach children study methods, assess their dominance profiles and help them gain self-confidence in a school system that is not geared in their favour.

My second business is as an associate for an international health & wellness company, focussed on helping people live better and healthier. Both of these have one common goal: to uplift individuals and empower them to be the best versions of themselves!