About Me!

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Hey girl! I’m Liesl (like diesel but with an L). I grew up in South Africa and now live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Traveling is my thing - expensive hobby but always up for a new adventure. I plan on going to Colorado and hopefully back to Europe in the next few years!
I am currently a junior nursing student, receiving my bachelors and a minor in health. Helping people is my thing and honestly, it can be one of the most rewarding things to experience. I work as a PCT (patient care tech) at a local hospital - I love every minute of it!
I also work at a daycare at my church - my future goal is to become a pediatric trauma nurse after graduation!
I work another job at an ice cream store - ice cream is a guilty pleasure of mine - definitely my go-to snack!
I am a Army girlfriend #ArmyStrong and hope to move in with my boyfriend when he returns from deployment!
I joined this company for help with finances. I want to move out of my family house, pay off some student debt and put more in my savings for the future!
I am so excited to start this journey with you and grow our awesome family of girl bosses!
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