A Little About Myself

Telling the world what I’m made of

I’ll try to keep this short and to the point ☺️

Hey 👋🏽 my name is Christine mom of 3 beautiful children. I’m Dominican but born in NY and reside in MA. I speak, read, and write in both Spanish and English. I was blessed to have been able to learn both languages growing up.

Growing up my mom moved a lot looking for an opportunity where she can raise 3 kids alone and not struggle. So, yes we moved a lot! Every 2 years we would move to a different state and one time we lived in Dominican Republic which sucked for us because we had to start all over. I know she was just trying to give us a better life and not struggle. So, she went where there was work to give us food on the table, clothes on our backs and a roof over our heads. Which I am tremendously grateful that she decided to work hard and not give up and give us up.

Because of my childhood and seeing how much my mom worked and saw how independent, strong and had a no matter what attitude I myself unintentionally became the same. Im independent, hard working, and have an optimistic mindset. I’m the type of person that doesn’t wait for anyone which sometimes sucks for my hubby. I remember we ordered the kids bunk beds but I didn’t want to wait for him to get out of work to assemble it so I did it on my own 😅 I’m working on it though. Being an independent women is amazing but also I need to learn to let my man do his share. What can I say, I like to just get things done and not wait a week 🤣🤣

My childhood taught me what I wanted and what I didn’t want when I grew up and had my own kids. I knew I wanted to eventually work from home not sure doing what but I wanted to say at home so I can be with my kids and not have them I’m daycare. Also, I wanted my kids to experience after school activities, having me pick them up and drop them off at school and much much more. I knew I didn’t want to move around because I didn’t want my kids to go through that hard moments of moving and having to readapt and having to make new friends again. I wanted them to have childhood friends.

So here I am today with 3 kids, working from home and my kids having childhood friends and going to a great school. I am so grateful for the way I was brought up because I can give them that and much much more. I am not saying we haven’t struggled because we have but I am saying, be clear with your vision of what you want and don’t want so you don’t allow those things you don’t want into your life.

Here’s to many more growth and memories in the making. This is me I’m a nutshell.