Who I am

Welcome all.

I am so glad to be finally sharing a website platform with you all. I have been thinking about this for a while now and I have finally taken the leap!

If you are unsure, my name is Ratkel Joley.
I am an actress, singer, dancer/performer, businesswoman and friend. I’ve stared in movies such as “Trolls”, “Despicable Me”, “A Star Is Born” etc. Songs I have written would include: “Titanium”, “Elastic Heart”, “Hair Up” etc. Songs I’ve sung: “My Crown”.

To learn more about me continue searching my website for more info.

Starting Out

fresh starts

Gosh, thinking back to when I first entered New York to start my career is astonishing. Memories like those stick with you forever. I know this may sound “cringe” or “corny” but it was quite a “journey”, quite a journey…

I hadn’t always aspired to be an actress. Growing up in Tennessee, I wanted to be a pilot. I was never interested in business or modelling or acting, they all seemed quite boring to me. Becoming a “Star” had never really appealed to me. Of course I had thought about becoming an actress, at times I thought it was quite cool actually. How people could portray the different emotions and for it to be apparent even through the big screen shocked me. But I think part of the reason I hated it was because I knew I could never do it. Hope had never occurred to me. I never truly believed. And that kind of attitude sucks. It does, it really does. And business, I hated the thought of becoming a business woman purely because I hated the subject, hated the darn thing.