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The Fun-O-Vaigyanik

Tanya Jaspal ✨
Psychologist | Life Coach | Hypnotherapist | Tarot Card Reader | Content Creator

I found my zeal towards improving people’s mental and emotional health.

I've come to realise that so many of us only need a way to uplift ourselves emotionally and therapeutically in order to be able to cope up to the stresses of our lives. Healing shouldn't only account to conventional approaches. Healing can be fun. Healing can be Rejuvenating.

I, as a Psychologist and a Life Coach, constantly keep coming up with creative ways for people to heal and lead happier lives.

I ensure that the people I work with, not only become capable of dealing with their worries but even become capable of creating a happy life and reach their highest potential.

“I can’t stress this enough but I want you to lead the happiest life possible.”

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“You already have what it takes to create the life you want to, let me help you find it.” ✨

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The Fun-O-Vaigyanik

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