hi! somehow you made it here so get to know me

I’ve lived in South Carolina for the past few years and have grown to love the south!

I recently graduated from Columbia International University with a BS in Intercultural Studies + Bible, with a minor in TESOL + psychology.

Currently getting my Master’s in TESOL and hoping to go teach English overseas.

Stumbled around onto here and decided to make a blog to keep my brain clear of all the craziness that is my life, so enjoy whatever this turns out to be.

Things That Make Me Happy

here are just a few of my favorite things and things that create joy in my everyday life!


My Creator, My Strength, My Shelter.
when I feel myself low, I look upon Him and His Word to provide me with the things I need to hear, whether it’s what I want to hear or not.
knowing my Jesus provides me with a sense of comfort and for that, I’ll praise Him all the days

Coffee Coffee Coffee

if you know me, you know I live off of coffee! my go-to order is a nitro cold brew with sweet cream cold foam ✨


Can never go wrong with traveling to new places! Flying or driving, it doesnt matter. I love checking out smalls and just walking around.

Favorite Places I’ve Been:
• Philippines
• California
• Mexico

My passport definitely needs more stamps!


the Lord gave me a sweet tooth and a love to create edible master pieces. & by master pieces, I mainly just stick to chocolate chip cookies and banana bread.

Post- Ceremony Thoughts

this is the time where everyone looks back on their college career, all of bits and pieces and moments that filled their past four years. they post a compilations of the fun times with friends, the late night videos that still holds very comedic to the day, and every moment in between that made up their time at college. these recaps show others how they filled their time in the last four years of college, events that they went to, library hangouts, whatever it may be.

but what if you didn’t snapshot every event? what if you didn’t have a glamorous time? what if you were that girl, sitting at the table behind that big group of friends? or the one sitting at home on a Friday night, getting ahead in the loads of assignments instead of taking the night off to go out and let the night lead you? the constant "grind" and need to be busy all the time can only hold so much value when you forget to also have fun in your young adult life. you try so hard to get the grades to make your family proud that you missed the times to be spontaneous and carefree. because you’re only young once, right?

as I scroll through Instagram and Facebook, I see friends of mine post pictures with their cap and gowns in their friend groups. for a minute, I wish I could start college all over again to experience what those friends all have together- the big smiles and laughter that radiates through my timeline. the sentimental posts of the groups of friends that are about to branch out and go into different parts of the world, solo adventures in their new chapter in life.

can I tell you a secret? it doesn’t end there. sure, college does make up a large part of who you become and grows you into the next chapter, “real adulthood”. who said being adult had to be a square concept where there was no late nights out eating boxes of doughnuts you may regret later on or early drives out to the beach just so you can catch the sunrise once leaving our college life? we all grow at different times. there’s a saying where people come in and out of your life when God is trying to tell you something. so the grades and the degree may open doors to your dream job and to the people you’ll spend over four years with, making fun memories then. so don't allow the Instagram and Facebooks posts to fool you as there were many others things going on behind the lens, things that no one wants to remember at the end of it. bigger regrets or friendship conflict occurs normally too but we just move on to the next thing.

the years to come after college are going to develop you into becoming a better, more rounded individual. you just have to trust God leading you in the unknowns and give it time (and lots of prayer!) to where the right fit for you is. enjoy the time of independent growth. do the things that your regular 9-5 job wouldn't allow, like sleeping in or going to the beach on a Tuesday afternoon. graduation is not where life starts to become boring and dull, but an ending to one thing and a new chapter to begin writing itself.