The Stoniest Products Of The Month! Curated By Stoney

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I’ll Be Featuring The Top 3 Stoniest Products,
Of Which I Source & Sample, Every Month.
1) Flower
2) Concentrate
3) Other ( Cart, Edible, Topical, Etc. )


This Weeks Featured 420 Product Is A Bit Different Than Usual! While This Past Week I was Running Around Getting Things Ready For My Latest #StoneyFaced Restock And StoneyBoxes, I Didn’t Have Time To Pick Up My Usual Flower For The Week! Looking Back On Past Photos With Strains I Couldn’t Remember & Companies Who, Unfortunately, Weren’t Deemed #CertifiedStoney I Was Stuck Not Knowing What To Do For 420 Of The Week! As The Mess Of Hat Making Was In The Process, I Guess Mr. Embroidery Man Figured “StoneyFace Beanies + Hats = They Smoke.” So When I Went To Pick Up My Order, Mr. Man Shot His Shot & Ended Up Selling Me Two Grams Of By Far Some Of The Best Nugz I Have Seen In A While!
Frosty & Kiefy- With Beautiful Multi-Tones Of Green & Purple! I Couldn’t Wait To Pack A Bowl Of These Pretty Budz! Featuring A Fruity Pine Scent; With A Flavor Profile Of Perfection. From The Very First Draw Of The Bong I Could Tell This Was Going To Be A Smooth & Tasty Strain. I Pulled The Bowl, Took In The Smoke & BOI! With That First Hit I Was #StoneyFaced 🥵 With An After Hit Taste So Good, Leading Me To Pack Another Bowl With My Eyes Low, Smile Big, & Mind High! 💨
Thank You Random Embroidery Man Who Sold Me Weed. I Hope To Find You Again! In The Mean Time, Make Sure To Check The StoneyFaced Store For Hat Restocks!



This Weeks Featured 710 Product Is A Collab Brought To You By Amberjack Organics X Chill Extracts! These Dabs Definitely Made An Impression With Its Saucy Consistency & Heavy Expansion! Featuring A Golden Color To Its Silky Sauciness While Staying True To Their Name And Offering An Organic Taste With No Added Terpenes- These Dabs Pack A Smooth Draw With A Hard Lung Expanding Punch & Even Heavier Setting Leaving You KO’d On The Couch, Stuck On That Channel You Can’t Be Bothered To Change!
These Dabs Are Totally #CertifiedStoney & Are A Definite Pick Up For Any Daily Dabber 💨
Make Sure To Check Out Their Instagram Below!



With All The Craziness Going On The World, My Mental Health Has Been A Rollercoaster Ride. From The Tension & Aching In My Neck/ Shoulders, To The Anxiety That Media Overload Leaves Me With.. I Definitely Have Been Feeling The Need To Medicate & “Self Care” /Treat Myself More Than Usual. This “Other” Product By @devine_dermalogix Has Been one of my Go-To CBD Sources. Their Little Oil Rollers Make It Easy To Carry Around & Quicky Apply Whenever You Feel An Ache Coming On, Which has been an ultimate plus for me who’s typically always on the go. I Deal With Tendonitis In My Right Arm/Shoulder So Sharp Pains, Aches, Pins & Needles Are All Common Throughout The Days, So Using The Oil Roller Makes It Easy For Quick Application, & Adding Some Pain Lotion Relieves The Aches Extremely Well. Some Other Amazing Products They Offer Are CBD Face Masks & Serums, Creams, Lotions, & Bath Bombs! All CBD Infused & Offer Amazing Benefits! For the Ultimate Body Relaxation, Pop one of Their Beautifully Scented Fizzy Bombs In the Bath, Apply One Of Their CBD FaceMasks & you’re Suddenly Self Carin’ Like a Queen ( Or King!) ✨ I Highly Recommend @devine_dermalogix ✨🥰💓