Hi, I’m Rachel!

Welcome to life on Lewis Lane

A few years ago I discovered a way of life that I wasn’t searching for and definitely didn’t know I needed. It started with a Premium Starter Kit through Young Living - 12 oils and a diffuser - all because I was going through a breakup and was searching for ways to control my anxiety and lack of sleep.

And now that investment has made my life richer beyond all meaning. I care about what goes in my body, I have taken control of my health and wellness and it doesn’t even feel like a chore.

Outside of my passion for learning everything there is on how essential oils can support my body and my wellness, I am an avid dog 🐶 lover, a pro at late night online 👩🏼‍💻 shopping, engaged to be married to the sweetest man I know 👩‍❤️‍👨, and I always have a trip booked so I have something to look forward to ✈️

some of my favorite products

OUTSIDE of the PSK ✨

Hi, friends!

As you may know by now, I started this journey by investing in a premium starter kit. But did you know Young Living has 600+ products outside of the starter kit?? It can seem a tad bit overwhelming to get to know each product and how they can support your overall wellness. It has taken me a few years to build up to the arsenal at home that I have now, and I’m ALWAYS trying new things.

BUT, I have found some staples outside of the starter kit that I never want to be without - and I want to recommend these for YOU to help you get started on this oily lifestyle.

Ningxia Red

this powerful antioxidant drink supports ALL THE THINGS. 1. Digestion 2. Immunity 3. Eye Health 4. Healthy blood sugars - and that’s just skimming the surface.


I can’t just pick ONE supplement to recommend, so instead I’m limping a few together so you can get an idea of what can work for you.

Inner Defense - promotes healthy respiratory function

Life 9 - powerful pro biotic because gut health is EVERYTHING.

Super C - contains 1440% of the recommended dietary intake of Vitamin C

Endoflex Vitality- Technically not a supplement, but I take it internally daily. Every female needs this! optimal Endocrine and Hormonal support


it took me FOREVER to try our CBD for many reasons, but I’m so glad I finally jumped on the bandwagon (for lack of a better term 😝)

Young Living has partnered with Nature’s Ultra to bring the very first Smart Spectrum CBD infused with essential oils. Nature’s Ultra carries the same high standards of their products as Young Living, which made this partnership a match made in heaven 🥰

My FAVORITE CBD product though is the joint and muscle balm. I have a history of neck problems including being prone to having a buckled neck, shoulder/rotator cuff issues and migraines. This balm works magic for ALL OF THESE for me. I can’t imagine my life without it.

team exclusive july promos ✨

rollers, mini spray bottles, diffuser necklace, and free CBD rub!