About me

Why Scentsy?

I found out April of last year that I was a non-essential worker. The retail store I'm employed at shutdown for a month because of the pandemic and I realized how vulnerable I am working for someone else. Thiings are now back to normal in an odd mask wearing, plexiglass barriers and six feet apart sort of way, but the new awareness I gained won't be returning to the 9-5 security I felt before. I'm not ready to quit my job, but I know it's unwise to keep all my beans in that bushel, if you know what I mean. I knew I had to step out of my comfy space. Online sales, in general, exploded in 2020, so there was no question my new venture had to be a work from home, online powerhouse. I also knew it had to be ready-made because I was not going to be able to develope, manufacture, and distribute a product on the funds that currently sit in my bank account. Not to mention marketing material, tech support, web developing, etc, etc, etc. Kudos to the people that can do all that, but they are not me. So, 1. I needed something I could sell that others had already done most of the work on, and 2. something that I already love and use, and that I could feel good about selling to others. That's what brought me to Scentsy. I know I can get out of Scentsy whatever I decide to put into it because I've seen others doing it. I can work it like a hobby and make some extra money, or I can work it like the business it is and dream big. For now though, my goals for my Scentsy business are to put some cushion and shine back on my well-worn pocketbook and quite possibly do the same for my peace of mind.

Ready to do this with me?