Life With Larsey

Larsey Greene

Hello, I’m a 3 year old golden retriever! 🐾
My pawrents named me Larsey after Kyle Larson, “Lars” from Larson and the “e” and “y” from Kyle. I also have many nicknames that I go by too like “Lars”, “Larsey Baby”, “Yoda”, “Babygirl” and “Sweet Pea” to name a few. I hear I’m the sweetest and most beautiful girl you’ll ever meet!
I’m an AKC Canine Good Citizen and a Certified Therapy Dog. Yeah, I have the best job in the world since I love all the attention and I get to give the love and happiness right back to every single person I meet.
When I’m not busy making people smile I love playing fetch, long walkies, eating treats, snuggling like the lap dog I am and playing with my little sister Coba J!

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