Let me introduce myself...

My name is Kaitlyn Comeau and I'm a Zyia Active independent rep, a group fitness instructor and dietitian!

I realize that getting fit and reaching goals can seem even more daunting and difficult than ever. There is so much overwhelming and confusing information out there, plus combine that with busy schedules and fast paced lives, it's no wonder we have a hard time committing to, and getting to where we want to be. But it can be done!

I got started with Zyia Active community in September 2019. After going through most activewear brands, I was always on the lookout for clothes that fit right, held up, and looked great. With Zyia I found all of that! Plus the confidence boost I get from wearing it :)

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Why become a rep for Zyia?

don't wait for opportunity, create it

Discounts on legit awesome apparel

Flexible hours that YOU make fit in your day

Income + monthly bonuses aka extra money

Empower women to feel their best in their own skin

Make new friends

Work with an awesome team

Get business tools to run a successful side gig or a fulltime hustle

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