Lightportal is a non for profit worldwide organization overcoming any and every type of poverty and bringing homelessness and hopelessness to an end. It's time to take a step into the future instead of corporations putting all societies and communities a step backwards so they can profit while being consumed with greed while morals, concern, fairness, and kindness go out the window time after time. Greed and selfishness play key roles with the filthy rich all the while witnessing helpless, hopeless, struggling homosapiens (humans) suffer in the process. Lightportal will be high-tech space age technology limitless funding for all humans on the face of the Earth overpowering every government in the world for a good cause not for profit. Lightportal is supported by people of the Earth not by big businesses. Lightportal will not merge or do business with banks any CEOs or CFOs of large franchises or corporations lightportal will not communicate with places like salvation army or any thrift stores this is an organization that will continue to build within itself because this is what the world needs.

William Evans AKA WILLDOG is not a perfect man keeping in mind that I do come from the Creator the almighty himself so perfection isn't that far away suffering my own mistakes I've made and living to see others make the same mistakes and even more intense ones to go as far as getting them killed and others along in the process made me want to do something special not just for myself not just for the state or country or even the country's for the entire planet ever heard that before and that's exactly how you know this will work in that it's time......Spending enough time on the streets and doing enough controlled substances believe it or not opened my eyes. I really don't mind if many are sceptical. believe it anyway you don't have a choice this is happening before I die. Always say where there's a William there's a way and I'm making a way to end the homelessness forever any questions?? Don't forget to keep a sense of humor in life not just for yourself it's okay.... to see other smile even if you feel bad God will bless you trust me. Trust God 🙏

After going to excelsior springs Job corps and attending several colleges in my lifetime I'm known around the Kansas City metropolitan area for good and some mysterious things I did when I'm on the streets or was on the streets in KC..... the streets will always live in me (cuz)+blood) I lived on the streets too long for it not to be a part of me I don't want pain so I wish not to be famous tho this may be a part of A King standing alone to take this planet where it should be......I'd rather for any human to not have to go through what I've been through.again....... any questions?? and what are you famous for? Kings....and ....Queens. Forget! about having just enough to survive on!!! how about survival is an option, if you don't want to live good you don't have to, Lightportal gives that option.

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