A little about me

Well hello! 👋🏾

Welcome to my little corner of the internet and thank you so much for being interested in working with me!

My name is Lita and I was born and raised in the pretty big and oh so bustling city of Atlanta, GA. In a nutshell, I’m a ball of energy who loves to help people! But outside of that I love researching and gaming - with both you’re never know what you’re going to learn!

I recently graduated with two Masters degrees! One degree is in Public Administration and the other is in Global Communications. And before that, I graduated with a BS in Public Health. I guess you can say I love school but I like going through life on the roads less traveled.

Now, you may be wondering how did I get to being a Virtual Assistant? Not-so short answer?Having done college and having work experiences while being in college, has given me the knowledge and know-how in the assistance world. I’ve worked from onboarding to general administrative tasks, from research to learning creative tasks and so much more! But I say all that to say, I may not know everything but I’m always willing to learn as long as the people who work with me are willing to learn and grow with me! ✨

Well…that’s me! I can’t wait to work with you!

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Just a hint with more to offer!

Right Fit, Right Package

Each package will include a weekly/monthly strategy call. Not only will this be an opportunity to share updates, but this will also keep us aligned with the goals of us working together!

Rates start at $20/hr. with 5, 10 & 15 hours per week/monthly packages

If you need more guidance with selecting a package, please contact me!

  1. Spotlight


    Want to give hiring a Virtual Assistant a try? Not fully ready to 100% outsource? Want to free up a little bit of your time? Need to shine a little light on things that need to get done? This package is for you!

  2. Ray of Light

    Ray of Light

    Seeking a go-to yet but not-so permanent Virtual Assistant partnership? Have a clear cut goal or vision for your business and you absolutely need that extra support on the daily or monthly tasks? Need more light to shine on the work that needs to get done? This package is for you!

  3. Sunbeam


    Need all hands on deck? Need more long-term than short-term? Need that reassurance that ALL the things you need to grow your brand or your business will be attended to? Need A LOT more light to see everything that needs to get done? This package is for you!