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RomComs You Need To Watch

If you find yourself scrolling through Netflix or stuck inside on a rainy day, check out one of these classic RomComs.

✨1. She’s All That (1999)

✨2. 50 First Dates (2004)

✨3. Two Night Stand (2014)

✨4. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (2003)

✨5. Pretty Women (1990)

✨6. The Notebook (2004)

✨7. Mamma Mia (2008)

✨8. Monster In Law (2005)

✨9. Life As We Know It (2010)

✨10. Love Rosie (2014)


Covid Friendly • Dates You Can Do Solo

I don’t know about you but, covid has definitely kicked my cabin fever into overdrive. Especially since my boyfriend has been gone for almost a month now, I find myself extremely bored.

If you are anything like me and need to get out and do something but you have nobody to do it with right now, then here are some dates you can do solo. ✨

1. Take yourself on a shopping spree. Even if it’s just to the dollarstore to pick up a small craft that you can do at home.

2. Pack a lunch, blanket, and your headphones or laptop. Find a sunny spot and spend sometime outside, it definitely beats being cooped up inside all day.

3. Go check out a farmers market or a garage sale near you, there is always something neat to see even if you don’t buy anything.

4. Have you ever tried googling your town? Some towns have hidden gems you might not of even known about. See if you can find anything interesting in or around your town and go check it out.

5. This one is inside however it is still fun! Make your room super cozy, add blankets, pillows, tea lights, and your favourite snacks. Throw on some comfy pjs, a good movie and have a relaxing movie night.


Marshmallow Cresent Puffs

Ingredients :

Marshmallow Crescent Puffs
* 1/4 cup sugar
* 1 tsp. cinnamon
* Tube of Pillsbury crescent rolls
* large marshmallows
* 1/4 cup melted unsalted butter
* 1/2 cup powdered sugar
* 2 - 3 tsp. milk
* 1/2 tsp. vanilla

1. Preheat oven to 375°F. Melt butter. Set aside. Mix cinnamon and sugar together. Set aside. Grease a muffin pan. Set aside.

2. On parchment or Lightly buttered pan separate crescent dough into 16 triangles.

- Dip a marshmallow into melted butter and then into sugar/cinnamon mixture. Place marshmallow on the wide end of the triangle. Fold corners over marshmallow and roll toward the point. Squeeze/pinch any open edges closed.
- Place rolled marshmallow puffs, point side down, into a greased muffin pan.
- Repeat with remaining marshmallows and crescent triangles. Place muffin pan on a cookie sheet and place into the oven to bake for 10-15 minutes. 

3. Once baked, remove the puffs from the tins while still warm.

1. Combine powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla in a bowl. Mix until smooth. Drizzle over the marshmallow puffs. Enjoy!