I am lii

Myself, 25th July 2021

15 y.o

Loves : •pastel. •encyclopedia. •wisdom. •people watching. •humanity. •breezy wind.

Hobbies : |writing. |wondering. |reflecting. |sleeping. |enjoying nature. |having me time.

Fav, food` : `spicy noodle w boiled egg. `grilled meat. `bread.

Fav, drink° : °hot chocolate. °lemon tea. °plain milk. °lemon drink.

Goal : {Take a smart step, and enjoy it. I know that I can.

Idk at all.
:) I'm 15
And now
The biggest question in my head is..
Where I will go?
Which college?
That prestigious one or just a usual college?

Am I going to stay in my house as spoiled child or?
Fly away?
Living on my own being that independent child?

Does my life still depend on my family?

Am I just going to college and live with the money from my family?
No way!

I don't want to burden others anymore:)
I want to live on my own.
Learn to take care of my own self.
All alone.

I also want to live with my own money too.
Cooking, cleaning. All by myself.


I don't have much time.
Around 1,4 year.
Before my new journey start:)
Oh wow,I'm not a child anymore~ :D


Maybe I still uncertain about college.
But at least,
I must take more than a few steps

•having my own income
•upgrading my skills
•learning new skills
•keep myself healthy
•convincing my parent to let me study abroad
•getting closer to My God :)

Focus lii!

Jul, 19,21

I m easily disgust w smtg I dislike
They call me overReacted

I tried, and I felt so much worse :)

I feel good in ths place.
Even though it's far away to be my safest place.

But- when I remember
(: not everyone accept the way I do.

Ppl must be offended
For my disrespectful behaviour.
:) I feel bad.
I feel sorry.

So that,I think I should just go from ths place.
I mustn't stay here too long.
Also I shouldn't eat too much.
So that they can eat more:'0

They're all good ppl.
It just me.
The only misfit.

Yeah,I must go
I hv 1,4 yr.
I must have my own income.
My own place.
So,no one can disturb me
So.im not troubling anyone

Rather than hurting their feelings more,
I should just go



Made of ground and a bit of water. Yes im a clay

What i love?▪︎sunlight ▪︎sky ▪︎moon ▪︎breezy wind ▪︎rain ▪︎wisdom

My hobbies?▪︎write ▪︎reflecting ▪︎nap ▪︎observe ▪︎wondering ▪︎me time

Fav food? ▪︎spicy food ▪︎bread

Wht abt drink? ▪︎clean water ▪︎plain milk ▪︎hot (coffee, choco, tea) ▪︎sweet ice cream(is it a drink?)