Izzah's Blog ﹥*:ꔫ:*+゚

Hello there human! Lovely meeting you here. I'm here to share a little insight on my personal life through the topics of my interest, dislikes and the usual music I listen to. Grab a seat!

My Interests ✧

— My current interest is coming-of-age movies, especially set in the 80s and 90s. They have that nostalgic feeling to them and it brings me joy even though I've never personally experienced most of the storylines portrayed. I think the word yearning captures a fair potion of that feeling. It is truly one of the best form of art. I also love reading but I haven't read a lot of books in these past few years, and I need to get back on it because I miss the spark it used to give me. In addition, I like baking but not utterly good at it. Pastries are always the way to go!

My Dislikes ✧

— One of my biggest dislikes is rude and insensitive people who are proud of being the way they are. Just people in general. I also hate hot weather, wet socks, plastic flavoured food, and tight pants.

Music I Listen To ✧

— I kind of listen to everything but mainly consists of alternative R&B, indie pop, contemporary soul and hip-hop. Maybe a little bit of rock. The artists and bands I'm absolutely loving at the moment are Jorja Smith, Second Thoughts, Dijon and more. Music plays a big part in my life and I'm pretty sure half of the Earth population too. We can feel all sorts of emotions through music, it is truly magical.