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get to know me! :3

hey to all my followers and welcome to my profile! here's some things abt me! I'm 14 years old and I'm Christian. ( not comfortable enough to reveal my nationality yet, hope you understand). This account is my 2nd one and is as you can see a fanpage! As you might already know I'm a kpop fan but also a dunkin and a fan of patty! im looking for ibfs ( girls ) so dm me if you want! thank you for reading this, hope we can be friends! love you <3 ~ carina

get to know us

hey to all our gorgeous followers, val here. this is a small introduction to our page! so as you already know this is a multi acc consisting of 6 hotties. here are our main accounts
-val @sakurasii
-tessa @irehify
-luna @jxksdior
-beatrice @sullentae

more people might be added but im still thinking about it. here are the rules of our multi acc! 1 don't change the pfp bio and ofc pword. 2 make sure to write your name whenever u post so we can recognise you. 3 don't make hate comments using this acc 4 you don't have to post everyday if u don't want to but please be active. that's all, you can post as much/whatever shit you want. let's have fun<3