Hi y'all, welcome to my world.

I am Lili, my family is my obsession, I am 1 of 4 girls and I am so in love with a cowboy. Life is an adventure, a walk around the block is something I consider an adventure. But, you will most likely find me at family fiesta or a country festival. Music feeds my soul and the sound of waves speak volumes. The little things are huge and the big things are bonuses. I choose to see the good in everything. I am a believer, a dreamer, and a hair care enthusiast. 2020 is definitely a rough year, but I've grown so much, I see more than just what's on the surface, and my mind is open! Being a survivor, my life is everything I want it to be!

More about me

My strength and motivation begins and ends with my family! Growing up with 3 sisters is a blessing, we never run out of clothes or makeup! Mom & Dad, we owe it all to them. They sacrificed so much for us. Lucky for me, my second family is rad too! They really showed me how to get down and dirty. That all started because of a green eyed, bearded, gentle cowboy named Josh! Yea, that's my love for eternity💍

Because of all of them I push towards a comfortable, compromising life for us. Monat is really letting that light shine through. This is only the beginning! Stay tuned.