A gift for my special one

Hello love, this will served as a gift for you as we are here, celebrating our 3rd months of love. This will be filled of messages, songs, and photos that I love.

I'm not that good but I hope you'll like this. There's a reason why I choose to do this, again.

I love you

Songs lyrics that made me think of you

Here lies some song lyrics that made me think of you, some of them may be look familiar and it's because I love them all. Music can connect other soul and heart and it made me thinks that I have you, love.


" When I first met you, it just felt right
It's like I met a copy of myself that night
I don't believe in fate as such
But we were meant to be together that's my hunch "

No Song Without You - HONNE1

" When I'm down and out
And feel like there is nothing left for me
You save me "

Make it Right - BTS ft. Lauv

" This eternal night with no end in sight
It's you who gifted me the morning
Now is it ok if I can hold that hand? "

For You - BTS

" Even if we are apart
Our hearts are connected to each other "

Still With You - BTS Jungkook

" I'm going to draw a beautiful purple
We may not be on the same page
But I want to walk this path with you
Still with you. "

Hold Me Tight - BTS

" As always you light me up
You are still like a fragrant flower
Believe in me now
Hold me again
So I can feel you
Pull me into your embrace "

Trivia : Love - BTS RM

" All the words crossed, and I reached you
Look, you and I make the same sound
But I'm not you
I want to be part of your bookcase
I want to be part of your novel,
In love "

Song lyrics that made me think of you

I Choose You - Alessia Cara

" Through the lows and the highs, I will stay by your side
There's no need for goodbyes, now I'm seeing the light
When the sky turns to grey and there's nothing to say
At the end of the day, I choose you. "

Paris In The Rain - Lauv

" 'Cause anywhere with you feels right
Anywhere with you feels like
Paris in the rain, Paris in the rain. "

Honeybee - The Head and The Heart

" Honeybee
I can't imagine how my life would be
If all your gravity did not hit me. "

Winter Bear - BTS V

" Looks like a winter bear
You sleep so happily "

Song lyrics that made me think of you

Winter Bear - BTS V

" Then all the bad days
They're nothing to me
With you "

Scenery - BTS V

" I see you today on the street full of flowers
Will it be in me?
I'm putting my feelings in the park after the early morning moon
This song is headed for you "

Serendipity - BTS Jimin

" All this is no coincidence
Just, just I could feel that
The whole world is different than yesterday
Just, just with your joy
When you called me, I become your flower "


" So stay, wherever that may be
Sometimes, when darkness comes, I'll be your fire "

The Way That I Love You - Passenger

" How many times can I tell you
You're lovely just the way you are
Don't let the world come and change you
Don't let life break your heart "

You Are Loved - Matthew Mole

" You are loved. "

Hello love! I'm late to give this to you but I hope you like it. I'm happy na umabot tayo ng three months and I'm still willing to spend my life with you. We're quite busy since malapit na mag start class nyo while me, busy sa kung ano-ano. Please be healthy and take care of yourself. Wag masyadong i-stress ang sarili okay? If you need to have some sleep, go lang. After class if hindi mo na kaya mag stay up all night and trying yourself to talk to me,it's fine. You need to rest and it's fine for me. Gets mo? kung hindi intindihin mo hahaha

Well Dalgommie will take care of her jisoo-ssi. I miss you so much : ( and do really really neomu neomu love you : ( Fighting and goodluck sa atin, sa classes natin! Thank you sa gift mong napaka ganda. Ang effort mo po hahaha Ito lang yung sa akin. Simple lang pero ayos naman diba? Similar tong ginawa ko sa ginawa ko nung birthday mo. Ginawa ko to kase 3 birthday mo tapos 3rd natin so why not?! Alam kong wala akong isip buti tinulungan ako ni google at pinakita sa akin 'tong app na ito. Ang cute ko diba? pag nabasa mo, agree ka. I love you.

I don't know but I always love to say how much I'm thankful for having you. Iniisip ko paano kung hindi kita kinulit kung sino yung crush mo? paano kung mas pinili na lang natin itago sa sarili natin yung nararamdaman natin? Everything happens for a reason, sabi nga. I'm really thankful talaga puta like grr I'm lucky that I have you as my friend, my pet, my v-ssi, my ugly monkey, my tiger, my love, my jace, my vaeracle, ano pa ba? More memories with you po! I love you so much. This will be the last page, again, Happy 3rd months of love, borahae!