Empowering other women to live unapologetically

Started off as a single mother. Now a mother of two with a loving partner, and fuelled by the desire to uplift and inspire other women. I spent my whole life leading a conventional life and afraid to fully step into my power as a woman. I was always afraid to speak up and lived my days without a sense of who I really was or who I could be.

After experiencing a mental breakdown and post-partum depression in 2016, I was faced with the choice of whether or not to take my power back from everything I had allowed to make me feel powerless.

The decision to embark on a deep personal transformation journey for myself and for my daughters is the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s been beyond liberating to shake off my old skin, and to step into this best version of myself. Now I empower other women to radically accept themselves, love themselves, and to embrace their full potential as well.

My Self-Care Must Have’s

Personal indulgences and investments in myself that help me feel like my best self

MONAT Hair Products

Quality hair products that are transforming my hair after years of mistreating it. Natural ingredients, vegan, cruelty free, no cyclic silicones, no sulfates.


Personal Empowerment/Life Coaching

Coaching changed the direction my life was headed. It is not counselling. It is solution-oriented with an acknowledgement and appreciation of the client’s past conditioning. It is a hefty investment that is worthwhile. Shop around and interview coaches for a good fit. Contact me to work with me for coaching as well.