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I’m 31 years old, living in Miami, FL, married to the man of my dreams. I was born in the United States, my mother is Honduran and my dad is Cuban. I’m also a child of the most high God, not because my parents taught me or because a church told me, it’s because I’ve experienced first hand his divine work in my life and seen it in others who accept him. I work at Miami International Airport with TSA and run a Central American Minimarket business with my mother. I am also a market partner with Modern Nature, better known as MONAT. I added multilevel marketing to my streams of income because I personally know women who have quit their corporate jobs to become full time beauty & wellness influencers, and it’s all thanks to this amazing product line! My goal is financial freedom with the ability to enjoy time as I please and provide for those I love. I joined MONAT because this company is 6 years young and just getting started. I didn’t want to look back and regret not giving this opportunity a try. I would also love to make a impact in your life by either, seeing you benefit from our products or helping you make some income.


They strive in being vegan, gluten free and cruelty free and if we’re being honest with ourselves, we need more of that in our day to day lives, whether its shampoo, anti-aging cream, or supplements.
The best part about MONAT, as I mentioned above, this company is just starting and According to Forbes, the best time to join a company is on the mist of global expansion. We’re currently in 7 countries and coming for more! We are Inspired by Nature & Informed by Science. We’re the #1 haircare brand in North America offering naturally based products that heal and grow your hair. (I can attest to this!) We’ve brought the best of science and nature together to create the first (and only) anti-aging, clinically proven hair care line in the world. In Sept 2019, we launched Skin Care! And as our innovative balance of nature and science continues to evolve, new MONAT Wellness offers a holistic collection of products designed to nurture, balance and protect the source from which real beauty radiates: the inside.


So I’m glad I peaked your curiosity about this opportunity! These products are the next big thing. It doesn’t matter what kind of following you have, your lifestyle or anything else you might consider an obstacle, you can do this too. The goal here is to have time and financial freedom, while reaping the benefits of these products and their results! If you’re looking to make your own schedule, flexibility and free time while making a income or just overall satisfaction doing what you do, this is for you. We work at our own pace, work from anywhere, and have unlimited income potential. We will step you up with all the tools you’ll need to create a solid foundation. What you put in, is what you get out of it! You can’t find that in a normal 9 to 5 job. This might sound too good to be true but trust me, it’s not. There is no contracts or commitment. I lied, there is one commitment... committing to your goals. If you already heard of MONAT and are interested but are hesitant about trying it out, let this be your sign to do it. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. It’s time to stop aimlessly scrolling through social media & start creating a stream of income from it! If you put thought into your posts and take time to create appealing content, this is definitely right up your ally! This is the era of side hustles and creating generational wealth with multiple streams of income. You see multi-level marketing and social selling EVERYDAY, why not become part of it? If you’re interested in just using the products, I couldn’t be happier because these products are life changing. Share your concerns with me and I’ll get you on the right path to address these concerns with MONAT’s product-line.

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