Show jumping!

Tips and tricks and facts alllll abt jumping!

Hi thanks for clicking on to this, in this you will discover tips snd tricks about jumping!

5 stages of jumping:
1.) approach
2.) take off
3.) mid air
4.) landing
5.) get away

Jumping position:
I am not the best with jumping position and its hard to get used to.
Small jumps: with small jumps all i do is lean forward a tad and give the horse the rein a bit. (don’t over do it u will loose hr balance and u will look silly) (also giving the rein just means u put your hands forward on your horses neck to give them more control. Also when your done jumping you lean back while landing, again don’t over do it.

Medium/big jumps: It’s basically the same position as small jump position but you stand up A LITTLE bit or u will loose ur balance,lean forward more and give more rein and lean back when landing. Pretty simple when you say it but its not when your doing it!

Another tip is focus on yourself and nobody else - u may fall off as u wont be prepared if your horse does something cheeky.
Also, dont look at the ground or thats where you will end up.

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